Thursday, June 14, 2012

Weekend at Painted Creek Farms

I had a wonderful invite to go up and spend the weekend with my cousin Jenny "Adventures of Painted Creek Farms" this last weekend.
She has GREAT trails to ride on very close to her house. We trailered just a few miles up the road.

This picture (left) is taken right after I arrived, and she came to pick me and "all my stuff" up.
Pretty fancy cab service, wouldn't you say?

I was looking forward to this because she's done so much work around her place this year, and I LOVE to see remodels. She has remodeled her home and it really turned out beautiful. Everything was done very high end. Her grounds, landscaping and the set up she has for her horses is just what I would want (if I had property to keep my horse at). I love it when you can stand in the kitchen, sipping your coffee and watch your horses....
I've got videos here, but as you all KNOW I can't seem to upload them to my blog these days, so I figured out another way you can see them.

Click on this link (highlight it), then click open in new window to see these videos!

I had not met her new little Mustang (Chance) yet. I was really looking forward to this. But I wasn't prepared to see her fall "HEAD OVER HEELS" for my boy when we came walking in.
She Whinnied....then, followed him up to his paddock (right next to hers) and she WOULDN'T leave his side! Cousin put her food down in her corner of the field and she wouldn't even leave Durango to go eat! She stood there watching him eat. And all weekend, she stayed right by his side. As a matter of fact, they both never left that corner. When I got up in the morning, I looked up there and they were both sleeping, right next to each other in the same corner... "sigh"

When I arrived, Cousin told me to pull into the (nicely mowed) field next to their house. Said I'd have more room to turn trailer around....In I went, and DOWN I went. I felt so bad, having just arrived and got stuck, and left big ruts in their grass!

Here is an example of the ruts I left in her side yard! Ugh...I felt so bad, but she TOLD me to pull into that area, they just didn't realize it was so soft there.
So, her DOH came to my rescue and hooked onto the front of my truck and gently pulled me to higher, firmer ground.
Ugh....I wonder how long THATS gonna take to grow back!? I could just hear her DH thinking...."Dang relatives."

After I was settled and had all my "tack" put in place, we loaded up and went for a ride. We did a good 3 hours I think.

Here is Cousin on her "very well behaved, Brandy."

Aren't they cute?

Ride videos:
Click on this link:

And, here is another one. Click on this link:

So, after our first day of riding, cousin took me to the wonderful casino just down from her house! We enjoyed ourselves for HOURS! She told me she NEVER wins, so after a few Q and A about how she plays them, I shared a few tips and off we went!
Cousin had a LUCKY night, she played on her money that DOH gave her (we call that FREE MONEY) and she won $70.00 on top of it! We had such a good time, that we lost all track of time, and when the staff began vacuuming around us, we realized maybe we should think about leaving! ha! Paint girl couldn't believe she played for hours and still came out ahead! I think I've created a monster!
This is us at the casino, we just HAD to send this pic. to cousin "Desert Rose" (my casino buddy in the desert) to let her know what we'd been up to!

And, they gave me a free coffee mug when I signed up for my playing card.

This made me happy as I figured it would be the ONLY winnings I'd have....

But, as it turns out, I came about even, and that's good with me, I played for hours!

Thanks for sharing this weekend with us!

And thank you cousin for a wonderful time!



  1. Lovely country ... glad you are having such a grand time.
    Have a great weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. I've been meaning to get over here and read about our weekend but just not have had the time!!
    I am so glad you could come up here for a visit and ride!! Oh yeah, and gamble!! That was so much fun!! I can't wait to go back!
    And do not worry about the yard! After all the rain we get and then a little bit of sun it will grow back extremely fast!
    Now I have to go take a peek at those videos!! Can't wait for another get together!!

  3. SOunds like a fun weekend, jealous I could not be there!! Can't wait to see you next weekend!!! xo
    Ranch Girl

  4. Oh gosh, I LOVE trail riding.



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