Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dumb ass moments...

I've really have some moments in my life, that are just well......... dumb ass moments.

One day while "playing" at the barn arena, I noticed they had this rope hanging from the rafters.

Now, I left it alone for many days, but, then finally,..... I couldn't resist "trying" this "just to see how Durango would react."

I did this many times....just parking him under it, and lifting myself uuuuupppp, and gently lowering myself dooooown. Durango never moved. Sometimes he'd look back at me to see "What the hell, this crazy old lady was doing?"

And then, day I tried lifting myself to my knees...he STILL just stood there. I figured worse case scenario, if he walked out from under me, I could hold and drop to the arena footing which was real deep and soft.

And then this one day, my hubby was over there watching me "do my normal stuff" with Durango, and he saw me doing this.....And this is where I say WE NEVER GROW UP!

I buckled to his peer pressure of saying "Try to stand up on him babe!" I gave all the usual arguments like, "I don't think my balance is that good, don't know if I can."

I honestly think he's trying to do me in sometimes....does your husband ever say things to "goat" you into doing something you KNOW you probably shouldn't do? Well, mine does! And then out of the other side of his mouth he says things like...."That's it, if you fall off a horse again, I'm not taking care of you!" Whaaat? I know he doesn't mean that, but I also know he doesn't want to spend 6 weeks helping me recover again.... "sigh" So, Why did he goat me into trying this?????

We took it very slow, and as you can see, he STILL ISN'T MOVING!

So, up I went, still holding my life line!

And then the DH says "Let go of the rope!"

SEE??? He wants to do me in.....

These are the dumb ass moments in my life that I'm glad I have on film, because at 56 years old I will look back and tell my grandkids that I did these things...........once.

Please notice my boys feet? STILL HAVENT MOVED.

Good boy Durango.....Hey, is his face saying something??? Yep, I think he's calling me a dumb ass.


  1. Love it! You are one spunky mama. What a great horse!!!!

  2. That is so cool!! He is such a good boy!!
    Can't wait to see you next week and RIDE!!!!



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