Saturday, February 26, 2011

I went off! and a bit of everything....

I hope you don't find me wandering all over the place on this post....but I just wanted to include several things that have been going on....Mostly about our rides.  We'v done several, and among them....Well, I'm sharing something that I'm not very proud of,...Yes, I went off my horse (Or, DR's horse) .however, I think sometimes, by sharing these experiences, something may be gained.  

Here are some pictures of a couple of rides I've taken lately. 
Typically, it's either Desert Rose and her friend Claire, (Claire rides Amos, the Mule.) her other friend Joyce and of course the Bossman! 
Here is a shot of some of the beautiful area we are getting to ride.
Another picture here, when myself, Bossman, Desert Rose and her friend Joyce rode together.  

Notice the trails ahead of him?  That's where we were headed.
Just an example of the huge rocks we ride among.....Which leads me to the tale...of my going off!
You see....We were riding along when we came to an area on the trail that was all rock for a bit. Big ones similar to these shown above.   Jesse, began to go up it, and then, lost his footing. He scrambled and scrambled trying to keep from slipping, but his hooves just couldn't get dug in anywhere. Well, unfortunately, we BOTH went over, falling onto one of these types of "large" rocks.  But, when Jesse tried to get up, it caused me to slide down under him (because I was ON a  big, smooth rock that was angled down.) All I saw for a quick second was Jesse's belly and I yelled "Whoa Jesse, Whoa!"  Well, bless his heart, he stopped scrambling, it gave me a second to get out of his way and then he managed to get somewhat of a footing.  But, poor baby was just shaking. I'm very lucky I didn't get hurt or trampled but Jesse is a great horse, and he was trying his best not to hurt me.

 It's always fun to look back on where we'v come from. Here is Palm Springs between Jesse's ears.

And, here I am, recovered and just enjoying ride. After our fall.....

Another shot of the huge rock formations!  Aren't they breathtaking?

 On the ride that Bossman, DR and I took up to Pioneer Town.
It's a deserted little western town where they perform "Old Western Shoot outs" on Sundays. 

Boy, the horses acted like EVERYTHING was monsters...
Our Bossman got a little cranky when we decided to go up to Pioneer Town, it's at a colder level than he's used to, so DR and I presented him with a little gift of some bootwarmers/handwarmers that he could use to keep warm.  We think of everything!

Below is DR and Claire

Amazing how DR always finds these "Um...interesting" rock formations huh?

When we came in, at Pioneer Town,....we went to the restaurant (the ONLY living thing going on there!) called Pappy and Harrietts.  It's an old, rustic bar and we were shocked to walk in and see it JUST PACKED!  This must'v been their lunch rush, but for being in the middle of no where, it sure packed em in!  We later figured out, it's because they have GREAT food and Bloody Mary's!   I found this wall to be SO interesting.  (Funny how a couple Bloody Mary's will do that...)  They had built the wall with these old, colored bottles imbedded in the mortar, so the sun shined through them to give a beautiful cast of different colored lights to the room.

Well, that's all I have for now, other than, our weather hasn't been great here the last couple days, so we are taking it easy, but hope to be riding tomorrow.  
Thanks for checking in....


  1. Das sind ja sehr beeindruckende Bilder,wunderschöne Landschaft und immer lachende Gesichter.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Awesome photos, Bronco! How lucky are you to get to ride such a fantastic trail pony?

  3. What a gorgeous ride! And a great place to lunch to boot. I'm glad you and Jesse didn't get hurt and it doesn't sound like your fall detracted too much from enjoying the ride.

  4. Glad to hear you and the horse are ok after your tumble. That had to be scary. You are blessed to be able to ride in such beautiful country!

  5. I think that the Dr is still trying to get rid of you...Could it be that she thinks the Bossman is getting a little too cozy with you!!!!!

  6. Thanks everyone, and Cowgirljlynn, Hmmmm! You may have a point! I am his favorite ya know.... ;-)

  7. My gosh..that fall sounded very scary! The pictures are great

    , and I am glad you and Jesse were not hurt!

  8. we sure have had some great rides this season...and some of the best are yet to come!!!

  9. It's gorgeous there!
    I haven't taken a tumble in a while. Eek, I'm probably overdue!

  10. ♥Love your blog♥

  11. Oh, you are up in the Palm Springs Indian canyons! I know that view! It's neat to go there in the summer when a thunderstorm is building up and look down into the valley. We LOVE Pioneertown! You'll have to let me know when you are here next winter. I have 3 weeks off for winter break.
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~ in Palm Desert



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