Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Horse Personality

Ok, I have to admit... This is what I'd kinda hoped Durango would be doing by now....

Instead...I have a boy who really "prefers" to be that normal?   He behaves well when we are on trails, never nips at other horses behinds and he's really a quiet horse.  I don't think I've YET heard him whinny loud like the other horses at the barn.
The most I've heard is a low whinny/snort kind of thing when he sees me.  And if he gets upset he just raises his front right foot up and just holds it there.  That is my "sign" that he is either nervous or frustrated (like being in the cross ties too long or...) when food is being distributed...LOL
Just for the record, I make him stand there a bit longer for patience....

But, when my stable manager tries to turn him out (In arena) with another horse for exercise?  He takes off after that horse, mouth open and acts like he's going to eat the other horse!  So much so that the other horse goes to the gate and begs to be let out of there!  The other day, the one horse laid down and was going to roll. Durango saw him and took off across the arena like he was really going to "get" him!  I though horses "watched over" others while they laid down/rolled?
I don't know where this behavior could be coming from?  It's not like its a "change" in personality, as I've never really had him "IN" the same paddock with another horse.  

I DO notice that the other horses try to bite at him when I lead him by...I'm wondering if he's considered a bully?  Is that possible?

He's perfectly happy if the other horses are all "over there" tied to their trailer and he is tied to his, "alone."  
When I ride him out of the barn, the other horses are all having a fit, running the fences etc.  and he doesn't seem upset at all, about leaving them.   Yet, he did get upset when I  tried to ride him further up the road, we were alone. (where there are several dogs barking at him) but he fought me and wanted to go back to the barn.   Should I be worried?
I don't know the signs of getting barn sour, can you guys enlighten me?

I realize I've given you two separate items to be diagnosing....but is this normal behavior?
Thanks for any input or questions you might have.


  1. Betsy, you don't want a horse that's herd bound! You have a total blessing on your hands! I, too, have a horse who would probably be happier on his own and has no quarrels about leaving the other horses. It makes life so much easier. That same horse is also kind of aggressive toward the other horses and is definitely the pack leader, but that's just something horses have to work out. You're not going to change your horse's personality or his place in the pecking order, and frankly, you don't want to! I really don't see any issues here, except I don't know about turning horses loose together who aren't typically paddocked remember what happened with Loretta and Riley? When you throw two horses together like that, they are really quick to establish who's boss, and it can be really dangerous for the horses. That's not Durango's fault, I just haven't ever turned my horses loose in a confined space with other horses they don't know, nor would I.

  2. Thanks cousin, that makes me feel a better. I agree, having a herd bound horse would not be easy...but I just wondered if this "bully" attitude is normal? I don't want him showing unusual aggression. And me being new to all this, I wasn't sure.

  3. Look at King if he is around Lady. He wants to be stuck to her like glue, and can can onry if she is going without him. That can be a problem. He remembers her every time he sees her. I would rather he was like Durango that way.

  4. I had a gelding like your horse - turned out he was "proud cut." Not fully gelded. Just a thought!

  5. Deanna, really? I've never heard of that before. I'm pretty sure he's gelded, but I will make it a point to ask. Thanks!



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