Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hay all!  Well, my girl and I have been SO busy here in the desert that I haven't been over here to blog very much.
She told me I'd better get caught up with that cuz she's counting on me to help her out.

When I first got down here, I was freaked out by all the machines that hang out and run around this stables!  OMG they have a lot!  Tractors, old noisy trucks, diesel trucks, bobcats that they level the stalls with and if THATS not enough, Theres a farrier who does this welding, sparking thing that just scares me!  
Anyway, I AM getting used to all these things and my girl says I'm being a real good boy.  I have gone up and down some really steep and scary trails, but I'm ok with that. Its when those bicycles and hikers all come around the corners at a high rate of speed I USED to get upset.  Well now, you cousins would be proud to know that I'm now comfortable with those.  (Well, not if they come at me high speed but....) I actually stop and say hi to them now and I'm confident they aren't going to EAT ME!
My girl gives me the heads up when they are coming, she says "People People" and I know to expect them soon.  

We (my girl and I) seem to be getting much closer this season,  She's actually taken more charge and is MAKING me do things.  But, one time when I was "getting prancy trying to get back in to the watering trough before those other horses got there," she was getting real mad at me....Well, then WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT, that red haired lady got on me and SPURRED me, then made me go back out and walk AWAY from the watering trough until I settled down and would come back in real nice and calm.  Hmph!... that red head,  She busts my balls every time.
But, since that day, I have given my girl several days of nice rides, no acting up.

So today, we went out riding and my girl was doing something, but I didn't know WHAT THE HECK she was doing with making me nudge up close into these bushes and stand still while she put colored ribbon (using SCISSORS mind you!) around these branches.  One of them had pokies on it and hurt my nose.  But I think we did a good job, and she said "we won't be getting lost in those hills for sure!"

My girl told me that she and hubby bought a winter home down here!  So I guess that means I will be a desert horse snowbird from now on.  She's pretty excited about it, that's all she talks about lately.  "This couch, that bed, those pillows, that hot tub, this COOL chandelier she found and those paint colors.  But it seems to be making her real happy,  however, unless she's decorating my stall its not very exciting to me.

Life is good, the weather could be a bit warmer (especially at night) but I know its better than whats going on at my old home in Washington!  Its COLD there!

I just wanted to check in and let you all know we are doing good!  I'm adjusting well and "my girl" and I are becoming quite the team!  I'm so glad she's here with me.

I'll try and keep up on my blogging better, but you know how it is when you're having fun!

Love you all,



  1. Hi Drurango,
    Good to see you are out and about with your girl in good weather. Oh and don't complain too much about the cold nights ...or at least you wouldn't if you take a peek at us playing in the blizzard aftermath yesterday. We will keep in touch
    The ponies from Willows Farm

  2. I am so proud of you Durango (and of your mom too!) You and your mom are doing so well together and I love hearing and seeing all the updates! Keep up the good work and hope to see you both soon! Oh and I am extremely jealous of you both being somewhere sunny and warm!

  3. Oh Now know you love Auntie Janes red hair :))) Thank you for all the good rides you've given me this season and thank you mostly for taking such good care of your mom...cause remember, auntie doesn't want to hurt you...but she will if you hurt my "Baby Doll".
    being a desert horse is great once you get the hang of it. next season you will feel really happy to get back and i bet you will feel much braver and safer than you did this year.
    by the way...the more your mom thinks about the new house...the less she will maje you climb those steep, switchback,dropoff, cliff hills ;)))

  4. Cute post from Durango's point of view!

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