Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hello, My name is Durango. 
 I'm pretty new to this "blogging stuff" but my girl (yeah, thats right, I now have "my girl.)  has asked me to take over her blog as she is just too busy what with taking wonderful care of me AND helping   caring for her MIL (who's 85) AND spending time with her grandlittles too.
I don't mind, really....I hear thats what a true partnership is all about.  And I really DO want this to be my home,...I think.

 I've only been with my girl for about a year now.  She's starting to grow on me, but boy when she started out with me....good grief, let me just say.....I didn't think she'd EVER get a clue about how to handle me.  I can remember standing in the barn aisle way for over an hour while she just groomed and tacked me up!  Didn't think we'd ever get to the ridin part....

I have managed to "try" and boss her around a little tho, ha! I know she startles pretty easily if I jump quickly like something scared me....
She whispers nice soothing things to me, and she has a gentle hand with me....
She tells me we are together forever, and I've got to be honest,  that sounds real nice, but, I've never really had that, so Im not sure what that really means.  I know she wants me to trust her, and I'm tryin, but damn, I feel like she's just not able to keep scary things from eating me!!!

I just never know when I'm gonna have to go to a new home.  And the last cowboy who had me, wasn't all that nice (or smart) but,  I don't think he liked me too much.  I heard my girl saying the other day she thought it was because I couldn't gait very nicely.  But dang! all we ever did was trot,  no one showed me how to GAIT!
 Until my girl came along, and SHE worked with me till I now have "a gait like butter..."  Least thats what SHE said....

Lately, she's began gettin kinda bossy with me, and I thought "Girly, you are lucky you feed me so good or I'd show ya whose boss."
Over time tho, I've kinda learned to like her.  She's pretty funny when she falls off, speaks a language I've never heard before....

But, one time, I seen her out talkin to that "trainer girl" and I think they've ganged up to make me do what she says, hmmm....not sure bout that.  I'll keep ya posted.

So, this girl of mine, she hangs out with several different people, who also have "partners for life."

One, is this lady "with the red hair."  SHE kinda scares me sometimes....Don't know what it is, but she has some sharp thingies on her heels,  that she jabs into me if I even think about acting up.  She also has two partners of her own, named Jesse and Lady who I really like.  We'v gone on several rides together, and....I think we will be friends.
Another is this pretty blonde lady, well she WAS blond, then next time I saw her, her hair was dark, hmmm but still she's real gentle.  And HER partner is named King.  He's a good guy and I'm not sure he likes me around Lady too much, but he has been nice to me.  I think we'll be buds too.
The other girls she hangs out with have nice "partners" too.  We'v gotten to ride together quite a few times, and I think they are all gonna make great buddies.  They seem to know what they are doing and I  kinda like following them.

So, my girl and "the lady with the red hair" took me for a loooong ride here recently, I was worried that she was taking me to another home, but I was glad to have Lady with me.  When we FINALLY arrived we were in a really warm place!  My girl said this was called the desert.  And there were SOOO many horses around.  I was glad to see my girl was still here with me.  And they also have ALOT of scary equipment around this place too....I'm not crazy about that.  After we got settled here, we took a few rides, and then my boots got ruined.

 I was climbing up a steep, rocky trail when my boot came off.  It kinda scared me, but the "lady with the red hair" and my girl helped me fix it till we got back.  Then my girl got me a new pair of shoes and these seem to work better pretty good down here.

About a week ago, my girl told me she was gonna have to leave for a while.  Something about her MIL being sick.  She promised she'd be back, but I'm getting kinda worried cuz its been a long time! But that "lady with the red hair" has been spending some time with me, and she even took me out on a long ride which was real fun, I got to lead!

Oh, and there is this Cowboy down here who has been kinda nice to me too....He comes and feeds me my supplements every day.  He's kinda gruff sometimes if I crowd him, but he likes me I can tell, cuz he came and took me out for a long walk one day.  I didn't even have to have anyone on my back, just got to run along side him and his horse.  It was fun!

Well, thats all I have to tell you for now, I will be updating you on my adventures here in the desert. And when my girl back I will let you know.... I sure hope she gets back soon,....I miss her.

Nice to meet you all, and I hope you check back in with me, my girl says there are alot of nice people on here.


  1. Hang on Durango, she'll be back. You are beautiful.

  2. Aww Durango, your girl is so sweet!! She loves you very much and you will not be going to a new home, ever!! Enjoy your time in the desert, it is much nicer there then where you were, believe me! All it does is rain around here!! Can't wait to see you this spring!

  3. Nice to meet you Lori and thank you! Paint girl, Can't wait to see you too, hows that cute little filly I met at your place?"

  4. Durango, you don't know how lucky you are to find your new mom..My mom says she is beautiful inside and out..As for the Lady with the RED hair..I have to deal with her once in awhile too..Pretty hard to fool her she seems to know what she is doing all the time..Now those other two..we can fool them some of the times..But that RED haired lady really tries to keep them in line too..Can't wait until you get back this spring and no I will not share Lady!! Or my pal Jessie

  5. Hi Durango, Welcome to the blogging world. I know you'll enjoy it as I really enjoy your post. It is really engaging and you're doing well as a first timer. Enjoy while you're waiting.

  6. Hay!!! This is the LADY with the red hair...or better known as "auntie doesn't want to hurt you...but she will ;))
    Mr. Big D...your mom is taking lessons from your you just be the good boy you know you can be, you will never find another mom like the one you have now who takes such good care of you :)))



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