Sunday, July 15, 2012


Cowgirljlynn and I went down to spend a wonderful weekend in PDX.

Desert Rose is such a great hostess! And, we just love her home.

We were lucky to have nice, hot weather and we got our share of sun.
We rode at two different places. One called Hardy Creek (outside of Mololla Ore.) it has awesome trails, mostly in the shade so we weren't to uncomfortable.
During this ride, my boy Durango SPOOKED at a ROCK....really? A rock? We worked him around it, he snorted and tried to go in the other direction etc....but when he saw
Lady walk up to it and sniff it, he decided that maybe it won't eat him after all!
He'd better get over THAT, cuz there are rocks the size of cottages in the

There was this beautiful river for us to water the horses...but Durango REALLY got into it! Splashing, shaking etc.
Goof ball....
And here, he looks like he's fishing! I'm looking forward to getting him to Yuma this season, to see if he would SWIM in the river. Something tells me he's gonna like it!

Cousin J was so happy with her King. For a 27 year old horse, he proved he's still got it! We did some gaiting all together, WHAT FUN!
King was in the lead, DR and Lady next, and then we were in the back.

We did good, but my boy just didn't want to stop once we started!

And, here is cousin DR wading with her Lady

This wonderful hostess made sure we had nice lunches packed each day, our "cowgirl courage", and when we came in all hot, sweaty and tired, we had a nice hot shower with delivered Thai food (Yummy!) and a drink waiting for us.

We sat around in the evenings in our jammies and just chatted. Which was all we had energy for.

It was a great weekend! Thank you Desert Rose.


  1. Looks like you all had so much fun and great weather!! You just never know what your horse might spook at, Brandy spooks at butterflies and dandelions!! Crazy!

  2. What I would give to go on an adventure like that.

  3. We had so much fun...however the "rock monster" lives at Miver State Park ;)))



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