Sunday, April 15, 2012

Prayers please...

 I have been hit with a blow to the stomach.... I have this friend who has been a longtime friend.  Her husband worked with my husband on the Sheriffs Dept.  We became friends quickly and she is the one who encouraged me to come work with her at the School District.  You all know what a long career THAT turned out for me.  I drove school bus (with Linda) for 12 years, before I moved up into management and then retired at 23 years.
Anyway,  we remained close as they moved to Las Vegas (for winters), and we stay in touch.

Linda is THE MOST caring, NURTURING person I know.  She has stayed up here in our home town this winter taking care of her elderly parents.

We just got word that she had a terrible stroke.  She's paralyzed on one side, and can't talk.  I am devastated for her and her husband.  They are very active people.

She's been moved to a nursing home for intensive rehab.  We are going to see her tonight.

I just wanted to ask for prayers for her recovery..... and thank you!


  1. Prayers for your friend from all of us here

  2. Sending good thoughts and prayers to your friend and her family!

  3. Oh how sad....prayers for a speedy recovery back to full health!



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