Monday, April 9, 2012

Science Fair

Our grandaughter Brooklyn was involved in the science fair this week.  I was very proud of her, as she did her entire project by herself!  She did have a partner named Emily as well.  But, I can tell you, MOST of the kids had help from parents on their projects....that was obvious.  

Hers was called Apples to Apples and she and Emily compared the seeds in different brands of apples.

While I was browsing the projects in the school grandaughter motioned me over and whispered in my ear...."That dark haired boy behind us?  That's Alex, my boyfriend."  Huh???
I remained cool, but went right over and checked out HIS project!

It was a catapult that he used to project a few different items, and then measured which went the farthest and I had to guess which ones would...
This was a project on stain removers.   I had to guess which stain would come out in the least amount of time.
Also, a project on flame, where they place two different size jars over a tea light candle and I had to guess which one would extinguish first.
And this one, had a plexi-glass over rice krispies and then they rubbed the top with wool, silk and cotton.  I had to guess which one would attract more rice krispies and cause them to fly up and stick to the plexiglass from static electricity....

I was very impressed with these 5 graders.  They were comfortably using words like hypothysis, and my conclusion is....

They were truly "into" their projects.

It was fun looking at the different booths....but most of all, my grandaughter was SOOO glad that I could make it.


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  1. This is exactly what I miss ( and you will miss) because I am a snowbird!!! Oh the summer the kids don't havce school and can spend the night and sleep in till noon with me the next day ;)))



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