Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My trip to the desert

I had an absolute wonderful time down in the desert with Desert Rose.
Besides her being just a perfect hostess, we had some GREAT rides!
Here are some pictures for you to enjoy of our rides.

Look at this pretty little oasis.....

 While I was there, I got to meet the new little colt and his mamma.  Looks like a mini Slick!

I was very excited to be able to ride with the DESERT RIDERS group.  I've never been on such a LARGE ride before.
Below is at the staging area just prior to heading out.

Opps, I got caught texting.....
 We had 2 riders come off during this ride.  Very scary when that happens, but the group is very caring and they stop, help and make sure they can go on.  Fortunately, it wasn't me this time!
 It did get hot!  Whew!
 I love this picture, it shows how long our group went on and on and on....
So, we got together with the Bossman for dinner.  And prior to going out, I realized DR had the same colored shirt on as I did!  I felt SHE should change, considering I only had limited clothes with me....but NOOO! She looked GOOD in her shirt and wouldn't change.....After fussing about this with each other, we call a truce, decide to be twins that evening and even said...."Oh Corky will get a kick out of us wearing the same color."  
We get to the restaurant, and WHAT???  Bossmans wearing the same blue!  Ha! Ha!

I guess great minds think alike.... ;-)

Had a yummy dinner at John Henrys....Only to find out that we just missed sister in law Judy and her husband Jim who had just eaten in the same booth!  

The 3 musketeers had the opportunity to make our Anniversary ride on the Pacific Crest Trail.
Couldn't have asked for a nicer day!
Our toast before heading out.....

 Wasn't long before we needed a refill..... Any of you recognize the rock in the background???
 Horses watering at the underground springs......
 AND THEN....I dismount to make a potty stop, and I roll my ankle on a large rock when I hit the ground.  Ugh!!!  This caused for some pain expressing shrills.....
But, Bossman fixed me up real well, with the ice pack we used around the lunch wine!  Great time to stop for lunch.
 Found out a loose boot can make a great wine holder!
 After lunch, and enough wine, my ankle was feeling better, at least enough to ride.   I did end up having to ice it several times when we got home though.....
Back on the trail....
 It was my 3rd day in saddle, and boy was I feeling it by then...
 Had to do some butt stretching!  So nice of DR to not MISS ANYTHING!!!!
This is THE END for now....will post more pics. later!


  1. Kitty Luce, Puppy, Jesse and I are having withdrawls from you leaving us! So are the casinos ;)
    We had such a great time, can't wait till next year when you are here all season :)))



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