Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cabinet makeover

I've been looking at redecorating our family room.  But I'm wanting to keep "some" things.  I had this corner cabinet that wasn't very special actually, didn't even cost much (years ago...) so I decided I had nothing to lose by painting it.  If I messed it up, then i'd get rid of it.  I WISH I had taken a picture of it before I started....But, as usual....I forgot.  So just "imagine" this, with doors,  in a light wood stain.
I stripped it, and here it is with a white primer on.
I painted everything with the primer, then... 

I gave it ALL a coat with this blue.

And then....everything got painted over with this red.

 Assembly line at work!....

And of course each coat took like two days to dry in this cold...wet, weather!  I've never worked so hard to make something look SO OLD!  LOL  After the red was dry, I painted on a translucent glaze (mocha) to dull down the red and give it an aged look.
Then everything got sanded in strategic places, to give it that aged appeal.

I found these new knobs at World Market.  I like the rustic bohemian look they had.

So, here's a picture up close of what it looks like, you can BARELY see the blue coming through.  I'd hoped I'd see more of it.  But, it does look pretty close to what I wanted!

What do you think?

And next....Here is the lamp I made over.  Well, Hubby picked out the lamps (with no shades) and I spray painted the shades from my old lamps.  I wanted them to mimic a rustic "mission style" but it needed some color.  I'm getting pretty brave with a spray can!  My DH thought I was crazy when I said I'm painting them....BUT, we both really liked how they turned out!

And, the fabric I just got to make the cornices for over the windows.  I'm waiting for hubby to make the frames out of wood, then I'll pad and cover them with this fabric.

This picture shows the red as being quite "orangy" and while it "is" a bit more than I'd hoped, however, when I put it across the room from the red cabinet, it seems to pick up the red in it much better.  Keep in mind...this picture makes it look even MORE orange, but it actually does have a shade of RED. And that isn't yellow,  it's a tan/gold (if you can believe that!)  terrible phone pictures.....I'm also going to make a couple pillows to throw on the couch out of this.

These are the sofas I'm going to get in a month or so, and I can't wait to get it all together!  You can see why I wanted a pop color (red) in the room, because these are quite dark.  But yummy huh?  They feel like buttaaaaa....

I'm happy that this is finally getting under way, but it's still a work in progress!  
 I just wanted to share what's going on, and show off my corner cabinet.  I NOW know I don't want to refinish furniture as a hobby.  hee! hee!


  1. Love the way the cabinet turned out!!

  2. You did a fabulous job! Love the color combo. I know sometimes when you sand, the undercoat comes off too much to show bare wood. Pretty sofas! Have fun with Cousin Trouble next week!

  3. Thanks! I still have a piece I need to get down to you....someday! And, yes, I'm sooo excited to go, but wish I was taking Durango with me.... :-))

  4. I love how the cabinet turned out! Cool color! I wish I was more creative then I would try something like that! Also love the couch! I would have gone with something like that but we really wanted reclining couches! Comfort was more important!



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