Saturday, March 24, 2012

I did it! We have videos!

OMG! I finally figured out that if I upload my videos to my You tube account I can then easily put them into my blog....whew!  That was a long time coming.

I wanted so bad to be able to share his tidbits with all my cousins and blog friends.

So, here is one of his "typical" morning turnout.  I never saw him behave like this until I'd had him for a few months.  I had him on really great supplements, and after a few months on them,  now, all of a sudden, he's feeling like a 2 year old!  

So, while I love this horse, he's sooo good in so many ways, he DOES have a bit of a food issue.  I worry that he could run over me, another horse, a baby or one of my grandchildren if food was between them.  So, I'm working to get him to change his behavior.  
In this game....well, just watch.

Part II of the game, and the results!
Thanks for watching!  


  1. still can't see the's says this video is private :(((

  2. Please try again,....I just figured that part out and think I've fixed it.



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