Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Durango under anesthesia

Durango had to be "put under" yesterday, so the Vet could get some x-rays of his legs.  He had a fluid filled pocket forming in his left hind joint and I was concerned it might be causing him pain, but mainly wanted to find out what was causing it, because he is on GREAT supplements and I wanted to make sure he was sound all around for riding in the Desert.
I'm not in favor of doing this unless it's necessary, but i'd never had a baseline done on him, so we decided to do it now that I had a concern.

I've never seen a horse that was on drugs, and he was sooo funny!  
As you can see here, he couldn't hardly hold his head up, he was resting it in my arms most of the time, but to take this picture, I let go and you can see how the cross tie seemed to be all that was holding him up!

So, I have NO idea why THESE videos seemed to load for me, but I'd love some feedback as to weather you are able to play them or not...I'm still trying to figure this out.  For some reason it plays for me, I'm wondering if those of you who don't use a Mac, maybe thats the reason?  I'm loading them on my Mac.

My poor little guy was so wobbly!  But he was such a sweetie and good boy.  The Vet keeps saying "He is SOOO COOL!  I wish I had one just like him."  She said "TW's are so laid back, they really make my job easy."

She also treated Valor who had "what they think" was a sarcoid on his ear. I watched all that be done, very interesting.  And he had to be put under too, so I really got to see alot of "vet work" that day.

Here is Valor on his "trip."  He had his legs spread REAL wide to keep himself stable.... what a cutie.
Both boys are doing well this morning and I'm sooo happy to report that Durango's legs looked good and clear of any problems, and no arthritis.
What we DID find was,  he just  has a "tiny" offness in his left rear leg stride, and "could possibly" have an issue sometimes, that causes a bit of swelling after a hard workout,  (just like WE would) but it's no different than you or I having different "strides or gaits."  
 Vet  says to  just "cold hose his leg" after a strenuous ride, keep him on the supplements he's on and I shouldn't be concerned about riding him in the desert,  unless he shows "signs" of lameness, limping or some other problem that he doesn't recover from by the next day.  But, the digital xrays show his bone structure, tendons etc. look good and it wouldn't stop HER from buying/riding him.
That's always a peace of mind thing to have.


  1. That is great news!! Glad to hear that Durango is gonna make it to the Desert for some serious trail riding!!

  2. Yes, but cousin, before that happens, WE have to get together this spring/summer and ride ok? Now that you are retired, I hope you'll come up here for a ride in the Elbe hills, and I will come down and check out your trails. How's that sound?

  3. I have a mac and could not see your videos. For me, it takes a very long time to load, so I keep mine short. Maybe you did not wait long enough for them to get on your blog. I have not visited in ages...is Durango your horse? Glad he is doing well.

  4. Lori, Yes, I got him in August! He's turning out to be a good match for me. ;-))) Thanks for the feedback, I'll keep working on loading videos correctly. Thanks!

  5. I also could not see the videos...it says they are currently not avavilable :(((
    We had some great rides!!!



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