Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Frustrations...Loading videos.

I THOUGHT I'd finally learned how to upload a video to this blog!  OMG, you have no idea how long it's taken me to figure it out.
I even exchanged emails with Yahoo, trying to get directions, but those might as well have been in German!  Like 3 pages long of thank you.
But, for some reason, today, I got lucky and figured out how to  upload  them in my itunes, and from there, I SHOULD be able to  load them to my blog!.. ....It  puts them in a different format or something...

 Well, it didn't turn out quite right AGAIN!  I got ONE uploaded, and then I keep getting an "error occurred while uploading this video..."

Can someone PLEASE HELP ME???

I got this one from todays work out for now that's all you can see of us!

PLEASE, if you know the secret for loading videos that you've shot on your iphone, please email me:


  1. Ok...It does not play well on my side! Not sure why...but it just plays every 3 seconds??? Don't know what to tell you to help )))

  2. Okay...I'm pretty sure I know what's happening. Lets say that you are hosting a party. You send out invites and tell us that the party is in a really great location. Beautiful views, great amenities. But you don't tell us where the party is, and the couple of people who guess the right location and show up aren't allowed in because they aren't wearing appropriate attire. Then, after the party, we all find out that the great location was at your house. This is what's going on with your video - it needs a different host! Haha! The video is saved on your computer or phone, and my computer can't access the footage there. Even though you are uploading it to blogger, only your computer can see it because only your computer knows where to find it. You need to move the party to a place we can all access! If you first upload your video to youtube, and then upload the youtube file to blogger, my computer will know where the file path leads and will play it. Good luck! And feel free to throw a party, whenever you want!



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