Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Check it out....

I caught both my boys checking out the "female" farrier.... Ha! Ha!  Just kidding, but this picture COULD say that don't ya think?  

She was giving Durango his barefoot trim and he was just SOOO curious, and nuzzling her behind.  
He was a good boy though....

Notice his bridle path is growing out, and looking really bushy right now!  My trainer cut it way too long, so Im letting it grow out, and then I'll trim a smaller one.

Look at how large his head is!   The horse....not my hubby.
I'm so glad my DH likes to come to the barn with me (when I beg him...) Ya see, he grew up on a beef ranch so he had his fill of taking care of animals....but he does love Durango.

He brings him treats, and Durango KNOWS he's the goody guy.  As a matter of fact, Durango likes to take his hat and try it on, just to see how sexy he looks in it.

I hope you are all keeping warm!  We are doing our best.
Miss hearing from all of you!


  1. The standard is if you lay your horse's ear back on his neck, that's how long the bridal path should be. I don't know why, and my horses don't even have bridal paths. I got my fill of grooming in my horse show days, so now I do the bare minimum. :)

  2. ha ha....Jesse calls my hubby the man who feeds treats!!! When hubby goes to the stables I cut up a big bag of treats and he stands there and feeds them all to Jesse one at a time...all the while laughing at how piggy Jesse is being!

  3. Does Durango have shoes off of the front and back? looks like he is getting furry!

  4. Cowgirljynn: Yes, he is barefoot now. He has very good feet, and we aren't doing any "hard" riding. But, he took to it just fine! I'm sure I'll have to put them on the front when we go to the desert though. And, he IS getting furry, but he's shedding like crazy!

    GracesMom: Thanks! I felt like she cut half of his mane off when she trimmed it last time...but, maybe that's a "show thing" cuz she does mostly show....And, he DOES have long ears..... I find I kind of like his "scruffy look". But, I will trim him a small one just for comfort later.



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