Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm ready!!

Well, I haven't spent the last 4 years here during the long....cold....gray....rainy season.
Needless to say, we are both longing for some sun and warmth!

The DH has hopped on board with his buddies for a trip to Reno, and I have been given his blessing to hop on down and spend a week with my favorite cousin, Desert Rose!

I know...some people find that weird that we go off on different vacations, but when you've been blissfully married for 35 years, and now are retired, spending every day together....well, it just becomes ok, at least, it works for us.  Gives us each an opportunity to play with OUR friends doing things we love!  

I'm getting very excited to get down there and see DR and HP.  They are the best hosts ever!  
But, then, there is the sun.  It is REALLY calling my name, and you guessed it, the trails...., it's all about those beautiful, relaxing, trails and the fun company of my cousin and good buddy the Bossman. 
I sure hope he's up and riding by the time I get there.  

All of a sudden it dawned on me....Oooh, I can't take Durango with me...... Hmmmm,  I hope he doesn't know by the look on my face that I spent an entire week riding another horse!  Funny how I was ALWAYS riding another horse and now I feel a bit guilty about it.  

However, I'm sure when he gets to spend a whole season with Jesse and Lady, he too will understand how special they are, and that Jesse takes very good care of me.  I will always have a special Bond with Jesse as he really took care of me on our "unscheduled overnight" in the mountains, and Lady?  I will always have a special "bond" with her too....for very different reasons. :-(
Yes, we have a lot of history and I wouldn't trade any of it....well, maybe the fall off Lady I'd like do-overs on that one for sure.... ;-)

Anyway, just doing a little bragging that I get to go to the sun!

Desert Rose?  Are ya ready?  


  1. But that invite was for NEXT year :))) The Bossman got a look of concern when I told him you were coming down...he was afraid it was gonna overlap the "big cowboy" ride at the end of March...he apparently did not want have to choose who to spend an all nighter with ;)))
    We are in a sorta lockdown at the stables...the equine herpes virus is in our neck of the woods, Claire can't take Amos out of her stables. We can go if we avoid any other horses! So Claire and I took Jesse...she rode Lady on a 6 hour ride into the Canyons from the stables. We had taken my trailer in earlier and left it for the drive home...cause i HATE that ride home! looking so forward to your better bring that butt pad of mine you have cause you are gonna ride, ride, RIDE!!!

  2. Have a wonderful time and give Corky a big hug from me!



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