Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To make over or not?

Here is my very small kitchen....

They are nothing special....23 years old oak.  Very plain.  But, a few years ago, we did do granite tiles and I still love those!  So...In order to not lose those, I'm thinking of having the cupboards refaced.

So...I haul home some samples, and I just KNEW I wanted the cream painted cabinets with a glaze....

Well, I was surprised to find that they looked awful next to all my white appliances...Duh!..

I actually really liked the cherrywood ones with a black glaze!  I forgot to take pics. for you....And Dan the cabinet man took the samples back today.  He came by, measured everything,  and is going to give me a bid to see what the damage would be to do this?
I'm excited, but we'll see how much a project like this is going to be first.
I just wanted to share this with you, sort of like a "before" picture. 

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