Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2 month update

I have to's happening.  I'm falling for this guy.

I'm realizing that you get out of it, what you put into it.

This big headed guy is learning the sound of my car when I drive up, he never runs from me when he's out in his pasture, he just looks at me walking up to him with the halter, and then he walks towards me to meet me.

Tonight, we had one of the best lessons ever.  We'v been working on getting him to "KNOW" his gaits, wait for the cue, and stay in them once there.
I was getting concerned that I'd NEVER get him to stay in his running walk.  He would always slip into this "DEATH TROT."  I was beginning to think he'd never get it.
But, tonight?  He got it, or should I say I got it.  Anyway, our timing "together" finally was on the same page.
We have transitioned him up into a Tom Thumb Mylar bit.  It worked great tonight.
I was able to take him from a walk directly to a canter. From a walk directly to a running/walk just like a TW SHOULD DO!  I hardly saw any of the awful death trot.  And, most importantly.....I'm able to see him getting softer in the mouth too.
I'm also very happy that my shoer has been taking a real interest in him and he's making improvement on less stumbling and clicking his feet together.  I'm seeing MUCH less of that now.  Yee Haw!!!

It's so funny how when I first got him, I didn't really think he'd be the perfect match for me....but I can honestly say after tonight...I'm SO glad he's mine.  I love him......


  1. Cuz B, I am so excited for you. Riding other peoples horses is great but when you have your own and know that the two of you are making a connection isn't it heaven. They can really steal you heart, and I know that you and Durango will have alot of journeys together. Tony and I went out for a two hour ride this morning, cold but wonderful. The trails were even alot better when you were here last. Am hoping that you will still consider coming and riding with us. Will email you soon about that. love Jeanette

  2. What I meant to say was that the trails were great today, very little mud where we rode. We are wanting to start to venture off trail now>>

  3. You and T are becoming quite the "trailblazers" huh? Im glad you guys are still getting out. And, yes, I do plan on getting down there REGARDLESS of the weather......But, for the next several weeks, (with wedding shower, wedding trip and this next wedding cake) I'm not sure it will happen until after Nov. 20th. Thank you for your kind words...I am really excited to see you so confident on your guy. I noticed how calm you seemed the last few times we rode. You're right, it's so nice when you have that trust in your "buddy" that you just know what to expect out of them. Thanks for checking in here....I'm about ready to give up on blogging. Either no one is reading it, or they still are having troubles commenting. But, I don't seem to be able to fix that.

  4. So cute, Betsy! I am so happy Durango is working out for you. It just shows you to never judge a book by it's cover and all horses deserve a chance. You just never know, sometimes they don't work out for one person but are perfect for someone else! Keep us posted on all this great training, I think my little Lo will be going through it next year!!



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