Saturday, September 24, 2011

Upcoming Pony Cousin

I have two wonderful grandaughters, Brooklyn (10) and Avaa (7).  Both of them seem very interested in riding my new horse.  The boys?  Not so much.  Connor even told me one day when i had him sitting on the horse, "Gramma, I just don't think I'm much of a horse person..."  I laughed, and told him "Thats ok, it's not for everyone."

So, we'v decided they (the girls) are able to begin learning the basics, and getting familiar with horse safety.

This is Avaa and she is a pistol with energy to burn!

Brooklyn is very busy with Soccer right now, so I'll have to get her started later.  Fortunately, we have all winter in a covered arena to work on it.

So, I invited Avaa to the barn with me and when she came downstairs she had dressed herself perfectly without my even guiding her!  (Above top) I was so shocked when I saw her in her pink cowgirl boots (thank you Brooklyn!) that it was hard to keep a straight face.  I asked to take a picture and she was ONLY so happy to oblige!  (Can you see the confidence here???)

So, We went to the barn, introductions were made between her and Durango.
She groomed and learned about crossing behind horses, how they can see best if she's on the side, where the kick and strick areas are, and how to not do something behind them that might startle.

Finally we made it out to the arena.  I've begun "some very basic" lessons with her.  She watched me demonstrate everything first.
1. We learned about leading safely
2. We rode bareback (clinging to the mane and bareback pad handle.)
3. We talked about balance
4. She finally became comfortable enough to let go and use her body and legs to help her balance.

I was surprised at her confidence when leading, as you can tell in the video, I seem more nervous that she would get stepped on than she was.
At one point, Durango tries to stop and sniff a "poop pile" and she just jerked him up quickly and as she walked him away, You can here her mumbling.... "No eating poop, that's just gross!"

And, below, you should see one of her riding after she gained her balance and confidence.  Look, no hands!

I'm looking forward to watching both the girls become comfortable around him and learn their balance early on.  I have always felt that thats why I have balance issues, because i didn't start riding till I was well......much older.   :-)
But, more importantly, Durango seems to know that he needs to be careful around them.  I wondered how he'd be with kids, but we'll take it very slowly.  After all...these are my girls. 


  1. Great answer for your grandson Conner about riding horses. Your right it is not something everyone should even attempt. It takes a person that loves to be around horses and knows them pretty well too.
    Loved watching these videos too. Your going to have lots of wonderful new experiences with your new lovely horse.
    Take care

  2. Love those boots! Man Cub wants a new pair and has been promised by Nanette. He's not so much into the horses, he's afraid of them.

  3. Ya...girls just seem to be the ones to gravitarte to horses! Toby likes to ride...Jed... Not as much! So glad Durango is being careful!

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