Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mail Surprise

I've been receiving things on the front porch lately via Fed Ex.  I've ordered everything from shoes to our clothes for our sons wedding in Hawaii.  (Post on that later).

But, today I got a package and was really confused because I'd received everything I'd ordered, I just couldn't figure out what this was?

I opened it up, and was SURPRISED to see these things from Clinton Anderson!  I had recently signed up for his club, where I thought I'd be getting a newsletter, and discount's on anything I order etc....

Well, first I pulled out this nifty "weatherproof"  bag for my horsie essentials.

Next, I found NOT ONE, BUT TWO DVD's!  One on his Philosophy, and one on starting the program.

Dug deeper and found:
A CUTE baseball cap.
Deeper.....Wow a T-shirt too?
And last but not least.....a CA mousepad.  Well, I have to say I don't use these, but anyone who does feel free to let me know and I'll send it to ya!

So, I think this was a pretty nice package to receive today, and the best of all???   It was all FREE!  
I was quick to point that out to my husband so didn't give me that evil eye that he gives everytime the Fed Ex comes to the door.   
Did I tell you how much I like FREE????

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  1. Cool! I hope you enjoy your new membership! And free is always good!



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