Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My new horse vandalized

Well, I am just shocked that someone would do something like this but, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  This world is full of mean people.

So I get to the barn today, bring him out and begin to groom him when....WTF?  His tail had been cut in two different places and at different lengths!  Mind you, his tail had come clear down to his heels prior to this.....The cuts were straight across as tho someone had it in their hand and just CUT!

I was just sick.  He may have been healing from bite marks, and have a big bucket head, but boy, he had a beautiful mane and tail.   
We couldn't figure out how this could have happened?  Rose, the owner of the stables, came out and was just shocked.  He had been grazing in the one field up front, where he was exposed to the road (if someone wanted to drive by, they could have done it there,  But, if someone really wanted to get to him, or any of the horses, they COULD walk up the side of their turnout stalls and could get to them.  All the other horses had their tails bound up in those tail covers, (just something she does with hers) and Durangos was exposed, and he would back up to anyone to get his butt scratched....Ugh!  Silly horse.
Rose said she really doubted it couldve happened by another horse, He doesn't share pastures with anyone, and it wouldn't have been such a clean cut.
She wanted to call the police, but my husband told her they would'nt do anything, unless she saw something or someone.  I'm just lucky this is ALL they did.
Now Rose has him in a protective pasture right in back of her house where she can keep an eye on him.  But, I can't help but be really ticked!

So, Rose (being a retired beautician) got her shears out and proceeded to "blend" in the chop cuts and made his tail look much better, but still thin.
I gathered the hair she cut, and brought it home, why?  I DON'T KNOW!

I guess I'll ask my pony cousin Ranch Girl to think of something (jewelry wise) that she could make for me with his hair included in it?
I mean, I know at Cowboy Christmas we saw many "crafty" things that people had made with horse hair....maybe she'll come up with some good ideas.

Or maybe some of you have an idea?  I'd love to hear them.  


  1. OMG! Why would anyone do such a horrible thing.

  2. That's rotten. Maybe someone wanted to make horsey hair extensions. Seriously though, I would have been piss*%d too.

  3. Wow, I am with you, I would be so mad.. We will all still think he is beautiful!!

  4. Thanks guys, I am becoming really attached to him. As you know, I've been real careful about getting too close but, when Brenda told me that they had Cody worked on, and she was convinced he'd just hurt himself falling on that cement and now he's fine....Well, I at first felt like, "Oh, if he really is fine, maybe I shouldn't be too hasty with Durango?" And then, my husband said, "Could you give Durango back now?" That's when I knew I was hooked. Even though he's too tall for me. I AM able to mount him, it's just not a pretty mount yet....LOL I really am glad he's mine. He will challenge me some on my riding abilities, but that's good thing I think.



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