Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aren't I lucky?

I knew I was blessed to have such a wonderful family, but this just confirms how thoughtful they are.  Yes, I got another fun package, completely unexpected.

When I got home from our ride this weekend, I noticed a package on the table.
I was busy unloading ALL MY STUFF from the car so I was only able to "longingly" keep looking at it for a day.  I can't stand just coming in, and dumping all my stuff from a ride, so....Yea, I know, a bit annal huh?
Pommel bags must be cleaned out, suitcases emptied and most of all....clean the car!  My hubby gets  a bit frazzled at the condition of my car after one of our weekends of riding....."sigh"
As a matter of fact, I told Desert Rose while we were driving somewhere, "Did you ever notice when we are together on these weekends, our cars look like we are living out of them?"  Ha! Ha!

I digress....
So I open this pretty little package, all wrapped in red paper, Opps, first read the card...I'm such a kid!
"Dearest, favorite cousin Betsy,"  Ok, ok, she just said "Betsy."
But, she wrote the most loving note, congratulating me on my new "pony."  And she went on to say she saw this Tenn. Walking horse charm at her favorite bead place and she just had to get it for me and make me a necklace with it!   How sweet is that?
This came from my dear, sweet pony cousin The Ranch Girl Diaries.
I can't tell you how much that meant to me to have her think about me and go to all that work.
In case you didn't know....The Ranch Girl has opened her new business making Southwest jewelry!
You should check it out, her stuff is beautiful!

This is one of her creations that I purchased from her last time we were together!  I love it, it goes with many of my outfits.

While we were at this ride this weekend, my two twin pony cousins surprised me with another of Michelles creations they bought for me!  I tend to like the lime green colors, and I like how it coordinates with many other colors like the blues.   I actually "coveted" this particular necklace when I was browsing her creations, but I chose the above one that day.
So...I thought it was just so sweet that they got it for me and presented it to me on that weekend.
I never wore much jewelry prior to our riding days, but I'm really enjoying adding a few pieces to my humble jewelry armoire.

Thank you cousins for being so happy for me.  I am enjoying my boy, he's been very good for me yet is forward enough that he is going to challenge me to be a better rider.  We are in a training session now for a month to get him a bit more finished.  He's a quick learner and is becoming more collected and knowledgable about his special gaits.  I sometimes think I'm the one who is learning more than him though! LOL

He is really liking his new home, and he's putting on weight now that he doesn't have to fight for his food!
But, he is developing a bit of an attitude when it comes to his food.  Rose, my stable owner,  just yesterday, put him in the pasture with a rescue horse she got a few weeks ago, and texted me last night to say that Durango had bossed Cherokee all around the place.  "He thought he was pretty cool."   Poor Cherokee got a little beat up.  I don't like that he is determined not to be bullied now, (he knows what that's like!)  So, we might just keep them in their own pastures, we'll see.  She said sometimes once they get fat and happy they can get alittle more aggressive.  Well, he's just gonna have to learn play nice!
This picture makes him look SO narrow!  I wonder if he'll ever grow into that head!  LOL


  1. You have to look as pretty as that new pony of yours!!

  2. What a What a great necklace from ranch girl!!!



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