Saturday, September 17, 2011

Guess what Durango did?

This boy has caused me to laugh so many times since we'v been together.
I was camping last weekend with Desert Rose, Cowgirljlynn and Dusty Devoe.  At the end of the week, I was getting ready to start loading up, and Desert Rose was over checking the horses and I hear....."Come and look what your horse is doing!"
I first thought oh oh...but, when I got over there, I saw that he'd "noticed" that next to him, in the neighboring corral was, all our saddles racks, poop scoopers, blankets, water and feed bins and the hay bags which Darlene had all very organized, and neatly placed.
Well, there was my horse, he had "figured out" that these black hay bags, even tho they are zipped, THEY CONTAIN HAY!!  

Well, he stretched his big neck UNDER the lowest rail and got ahold of that black hay bag, had slid it ever so carefully under the fence and was very happy just eating till his hearts content!  LOL

He loves his food for sure!
He gets fed 4 times a day at his stables, and I think we only fed three times that weekend, so he just took it upon himself!

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