Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A prince is born!

Our little grandson was selected to part of the May Day Royalty Court this year.
While I know this day was really all about the King and Queen (seniors) but as proud grandparents, we couldn't help but being so excited that he got to represent his elementary school in the Community.

So...after two long days of rehearsals...

The Big Day was here!  By this time, we were wondering if Connor was going to survive this long day.
They had rehearsals that morning, and only a 1 hour break before showing up in full tuxedo and gowns! To do it again....

We gathered in a room, where all the flowers were delivered.

They got their boutonnieres  pinned on...

He signed the "official" book for this years royalty.....

Here are the boys all ready to go....

This is the little princess that he was escorting in.....Aren't they cute?

Here they are, after they did the typical  pomp and circumstance walk down the aisle.

He did a wonderful entrance, nice and slow and he was carrying the pillow with the Kings Scroll on it,  which he "presented" to the King (we have that on video, I'll try to load it.)
and the King read from it prior to crowning his Queen.

They had "hip hop" dancers performing for the court......

They were entertained by a Ballat dance group.....

The school 3rd graders all performed the traditional May Pole Dance.......

Keep in mind, this boy had been sitting all morning for rehearsals....and by this time he was all done in!.....

I have to tell you what he did when he was called into the office and told that he'd been selected to be in the Royal Court.
He walked back into his classroom, the teacher said "Connor, is there something you'd like to share with the class?  He said "Yeah, I'm gonna be King!"
Later, he came up to the teacher and said...."I think I know how I got chosen to do this...."  
She said "Really?  How?"  
He said "They must have seen my amazing dance moves."   

LOL Where does he come up with those things???


  1. So...I can't resist saying that you even left the desert rose early this season to get back in time for this event;) Conner did his duties wonderfully...proud is your new name!

  2. He is so darned cute! I don't know if I could have stuck out that kind of schedule, poor kid! He looked very handsome in hi fancy clothes and I am sure he will make a great KING!



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