Sunday, April 24, 2011

My secret, I'm a Royal groupie...

I've been fascinated with these two little boys since their mother first became a "celebrity" in her own right.  

(WTH? I can't get this underline to go away!!!)
So, back on task....

I cannot tell a lie.  I hated Prick Charles!  {25 cents for the cuss jar!}  I always knew he was too starched for her fun personality.  And I hated how he was always in love with "The Pit Bull"  as Diana called her. So, these have been "my boys" for a long time now.  (In a matter of speaking....)
But, Diana, She did raise very handsome, and I THINK....very fun loving boys.  Even though she only got to mother them for such a short time, She definately made an impact on them.   
(Just LOOK at that rascal! What do you suppose they are talking about?) They don't know it, but I've always felt like the aunt who keeps track of her nephews every move.  And enjoys all the pictures I can get.
I have to give this much to P. Charles, he did manage to finish raising these boys into really nice men.  Now, just look at that Harry!  I REALLY think he's probably the cutest personality out of the two, but I love how William has always looked so proud of him.  I imagine Harry will always be the center of attention.
He appears to always be having a good time, no matter what he's doing!  I like a guy who laughs a lot.
See what I mean?
When he is around, people are always laughing.

And now, enters Williams' new love.  

I now have ANOTHER person in the Royal Family that I can't get enough of!  It's like having a wonderful Diana personality to watch all over again.  She's stylish, beautiful and totally in love with William!  
(This aunt is happy...)
I'm even surprised at how P. Charles seems to have mellowed (could he get much more mellow...I mean boreing!) but, he does seem to have been a good dad to them, and he's being nice to Kate.
I'm watching the movie of their relationship....I can't miss a night.  I really think they are going to be happy and I'm going to be their biggest fan while they grow together.
What a cutie! (Both of them....)

And THEN! To top it off,  he continues to win my heart by flying helicoptors!  I knew there was something special about him.

I love to see them having "normal" fun.
I for one, can't wait for this wedding!


  1. Well, you're not alone. I've always been fascinating by the British royal family. Maybe it's because even the classiest people we have in the US doesn't hold a candle to them. I feel the same way you do, and I'm looking forward to the wedding.

  2. I agree Leah. Thanks for answering up! Maybe we are the only ones????
    Ha! Or maybe no one else is reading my blog. LOL

  3. Sweet post but what movie are you talking about?

  4. On lifetime, they have been showing the "movie" of their relationship. Who knows if all of its true, but it appears to be based on all the articles etc. I mean they don't "really" have much hidden from the public now do they?
    It seems to be on sunday nights.

  5. I could have written this post! I loved Diana and her boys. I was able to watch some of Kate & Williams wedding - and the difference was huge! In Diana and Charles' wedding you could tell that they were un-comfortable with each other; they didn't "mesh" whereas these two - you could feel the love.

    Thanks for stopping by my place; yeah, I agree with your assessment of the situation!



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