Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Camp Betsy!

Welcome to Camp Betsy....

We are staying in our Motorhome (to sleep) next to our daughters house so we can be helpful with the kids, but mostly so we can be on hand to help out hubbys mom, a beautiful lady who is 83 and now having much difficulty doing any day to day tasks.  She lives only about 50 yards from our daughter.
We worry alot about her taking a fall!  So many elderly people take falls and then are never the same.  So, we try to encourage her to use her walker and let us do things for her.  This is hard for her as she has been SO independent all her life.

But, during the days, my life is filled with making breakfast for the family, getting them all out the door and off to school in time, Then time for MY shower.  Next, I'm doing laundry....OMG I've never seen so few people use so MANY clothes!,  walking down to get the mail, fixing meals (for both daughters family and Gramma), and NOW, we are working with the kids to start helping out with chores more.
I don't mean to insinuate that daughter wasn't handling things well, She's a fantastic mom, but being newly divorced she has taken on being the track coach as well as working at the middle school (in the office) during the days for extra $$.

So grandpa and I have been doing alot of babysitting and we actually made up a whiteboard with 8 chores for each child, and they get paid for each chore.  So, by the end of the week, IF they have done ALL the chores, they would each make about $5.60. (I don't believe in giving children too much money when young. But I DO believe in incentives.)  However, it's taken some getting used to, so their allowances have been more like $3.00.
But, I will say I'm amazed at how good little Conner can clean his room and make his bed!

They haven't been used to me "howling chores" at them (as Conner says....).  Yes, they are getting a taste of what their mom and uncle went through when they were young!  Hee! Hee!

My husband tells them often "Yep, Don't ya just love Camp Betsy???"  LOL
I've changed them from taking their showers in the morning, to bathing at night (one chore out of the way to leave more time in the mornings!)  I'm all about time management.
We pick them up from school,  give them a snack and begin tackling homework right away.  Ugh!! I even hated this part when my kids were young!   I KNOW the daughter better appreciate this!  Do you know that I'm having trouble with 4th grade homework???  Sad, Sad....it's not like I remember it!
Then we have dinner, and they head up to take showers and put on jammies.  About this time is when mom gets home.

The other day, Conner cuddled up to me and said he's "so glad we are here."  I said "Even tho I'm "howling chores" at you all the time?  He said, "yes, cuz well, you haven't heard my mom  howl!  Hee! Hee!
Brooklyn, the 10 yr. old, has made it very clear she's glad we'r here.  I started out going up and giving them a kiss each night, but I missed a couple nights and then they both asked me if I would come up and kiss them goodnight.  So I no longer miss that!

So, even tho I feel like the warden lately,  I'm sure it's a welcome "howl."  Even my daughter got me aside one day and said she is SO relieved to have us here.  

That's a good feeling as I often wonder if I'm doing too much, you know, crossing over the line?  Butting in?  
But, I think back when I was working, and "howling chores" at the kids trying to get them ready and out the door, and I think I'd have given up my right arm to have had MY mom come and help with some of that.

Our own house is up for sale right now, so it works well with us not being there to mess it up.  We have low hopes that it will actually sell with the economy the way it is.....but, we are very comfortable in our motorhome,  and used to spending winters in it, so this will work for a while.

But, I do laugh sometimes, when I find myself feeling like the grouchy gramma.  People aren't far off when they say its Camp Betsy!  
I'm sure the cousins will hear something about us all living together....but, this is my story and I'm sticking to it.


  1. I know what you mean about the homework.. It almost seems like the way they are learning it now is harder!!!

  2. In my humble opinion, Camp Betsy is going to help those sweet grandchildren of yours thru this transition in their lives and it will give Jamie an opportunity to be the "fun Mom" once in a while. Good for you!

  3. Thank guys, I agree with you.

  4. Oh..I think that this will be a memory for all involved, and what a great thing you and "grampa"are doing by being there.

    You are truly the "sandwich" family!

    I know that my mom was very upset with herself for allowing herself to fall and break her hip, that walker can be your moms best friend..to prevent a fall.

  5. Cousin B: I am sure the little ones will look back at this summer and say, "Remember when gramma and grandpa...". I treasure my memories with my grandparents. You are giving them the best gift...your time, love and hugs!!



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