Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great week so far!

Well,  as I told you earlier, My daughter, her boyfriend Mike and her two littles Brooklyn and Connor are here for the week.  Boy have we been on the go!

They can't get enough swimming and sun tanning,

We went to one of our favorite restaraunts to have dinner.  The weather was just like a tropical island this night while we ate out on the lawn.
We had a toast to celebrate our  being together.

We took pictures of the grands in the beautiful landscaped grounds of "The Jackalope."

And then, the next day, we were up bright and early and at the doors of "The Living Desert" when they first opened.
They REALLY liked this place, because the kids got to see animals "unlike" any they see in the zoos at home in Washington.   Look at the hooves on these Camels!
They saw, Zebras, Warthogs, African wild dogs and GIRAFFES just to name a few.

We came upon this wonderful, vintage Carosel that had ALL these wonderful animals, birds etc.
So, of course Connor couldn't wait to pick what he thought was the most interesting.

And Miss Brooklyn grabbed the Zebra as it was most like a horse.  (Atta girl...)

But I had a good time just playing with hubbys new camera!  The flowers and cactus were out in a fabulous showing!

And, yes I've saved the best for last!
I was able to get back in the saddle and go on a 1 hour ride with my kids and of course our favorite Desert Rose!  This was so fun, my grandaughter is still talking about it.


  1. How fun! Need i remind you that your grand daughter is a well-known horse-thief in Portland? You might want to keep an eye on her...

  2. Saddle Mt. Rider: Ha! We never forget! And hey! We are looking forward to seeing you on our way home. :-)

  3. ya...she has Jesse's number too ;)))
    So glad you had a happy visit with your family, they are so adorable!



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