Monday, January 17, 2011

CIA dinner - Greystone

Isn't this a beautiful place?  Greystone, It's one of my favorite stops when in Napa Valley CA.  Only THIS time, I had a special opportunity to go in and eat there.  I am nuts about all the stone work on this place.

This is the patio where we entered the restaraunt.

Before our dinner reservation, we toured around the place.  This is the demo kitchen, where they teach classes on unique techniques.  Up to the right of this, the entire room in elevated seating (like in a theater.)

 Just a shot of the dining area....To the right, you can see the open bar.

We started out with a "sampler" of three of their wines.
Appetizer plate: All I can say is these were NOT your typical tastings of appetizer!  This is where they allow the Chefs In Training to showcase their individual talents.  It wasn't printed on the menu as to what these were exactly because they change daily, but they were scrumptious tastings.
It had a Salmon Croquet type of thing with a dollop of FABULOUS tasting "spread" on top.
Also, a beet, feta salad
Brushetta with a tapanade. 
a mini cup of mushroom soup (Yummy!!)
A mussel in a type of Tomato Bisque

Now THIS was my favorite of the night.  It may look like a typical (while beautifully plated) salad, but THE TASTE was out of this world!  It was a baby artichoke salad, and they grilled (or fried) these artichokes to a seasoned crispy and placed them on a bed of unique greens that were tasty, tasty, tasty!

Our friend ordered the mussels.  While I'm not a fan of those, he is and he said the broth was to die for!

My hubby had this Pear/Walnut salad.  He gave it a ten!
And, the evening HAD to be finished up with Creme Brulee.  I just have to say PERFECT! 

We truly enjoyed the experience, mainly because its a teaching institution and browsing through the gift shop was worth the trip alone!  I love culinary stores where I can find ingredients and tools that are hard to find.  

Even though this was something everyone should do at least once....I have to say, our best meals in Nappa were, at Rutherfords and the WONDERFUL BOTEGGA (Micheal Chiarello's)
Now THIS is a DO NOT MISS gift store to definately see while there.  It has a nice bar, Olive tasting bar, and some very cool items to buy or even wish for....


  1. Gonna have to go to Napa again someday...for THE WINE!!!

  2. That food looks too good to be true! Such a beautiful area and gotta love the wine sampling.



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