Monday, January 10, 2011

My Cowboy Christmas purchases

I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get started on these, but Cowboy Christmas fell during...... uh, huh, Christmas! (Imagine that?....)
So, we went right into the holidays and I just havent had a chance to begin posting about my new treasures!

But, we are finally settled in Palm Desert for the winter and I JUST got hooked up with internet...whoo hoo!!!

Well, here is the first cool thing I got....Its a sofa pillow! 
I love the colors of hair on this!  It has a chocolate brown leather back and is stitched with choc. brown leather strips. 
I've decided it has a nice place of honor on our bed in the Motorhome, I just couldn't leave it behind!  And, besides it coordinates nicely with the throw we have on the bed, don't ya think?

Well, Desert Rose welcomed me with open arms, and she even made room for me in her tack room. How sweet is that?  I'm nicknamed the Squatter...hee! hee!  Just one of many she has bestowed upon me!

We are taking our first ride of the season tomorrow!  This will be our celebration ride to mark our 1 year anniversary of the ride, when we got lost overnight in the mountains. Can you believe it's been a year?
As I'm sitting here in my MH, looking at our beautiful view of the mountains....even though, I'm sitting in warm sunshine down here,....all I can see when looking at those mountains we ride in, is snow, snow, snow!  I even used the binoculers to look CLOSELY! 
You can bet I will be dressing warm, and thanks to my son, I now have every survival thing I should need....just in case.

So, I will be posting pictures soon, of the other COOL things I found there, hope you check in to see what fun I had!  :-)


  1. Love the pillow! Stay safe on your anniversary ride!

  2. I thought the pillow was all you bought! ;) Glad you will be here for the season...we'll have lots of adventures!

  3. Desert Rose: LOL, I just have to reveal "slowly" so the DH doesn't keel over from $$$ shock.....



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