Thursday, January 20, 2011

While the Rose is away.....

The Desert Rose left for a couple days and the Bossman and I went riding WITH HER HORSES!!!   
        This was my first chance to "do it all on my own" sort of ride.   You cousins know what I'm talking about, without the Desert Rose there to "oversee" all the grooming, tacking up, putting them away properly when we got home etc....This is something of a confidence builder for me.  Things that non horse people think about.
Such as:  Opening and closing gates properly
Haltering, tieing up at hitching post
Getting the right lunch together for them
Getting the bridles on properly
Emergency equipment: Easy boot, pic, waterbowl, (Bossman had the drugs for them)

From someone who doesn't own a horse, I was a bit nervous about taking care of someone elses horses.  Jesse often "tries" me by not picking up his hoof, I didn't want to begin our day by having to fight with him about that...But, ya see? Without DR there, I just had to MAKE him.  He must'v sensed that, because he gave me no problem. 
Well,....  I messed up immediately by not communicating with Bossman Jesse ended up wearing Lady's blanket!  Tsk Tsk....this would've been a MAJOR mess up in Desert Roses eyes, but neither Lady or Jesse seemed to mind.... :-)  and they promised not to tell on me. 
I did all of my part by being responsible for Bossmans and my lunch and coffee in the morning.  And in turn, he actually had my horse saddled!  What a deal! 
Our plan was to leave the stables by 8:00 a.m.  I was on time because i was worried about not doing everything right.

I got there by 7:30, Delivered Bossmans coffee, then went to work on making lunch for the horses.  Loaded the saddlebags, donned my Can Bangers (One of my new purchases at Cowboy Christmas)and loaded the truck with our gear.
We left ON TIME, and hauled the trailer into the canyon.
Unloaded the horses, 

We did the ceremonial toast before our ride.  This is our "missing man" formation. :-) 
And off we rode....Up the Kauffman trail overlooking Andreas Canyon.

We rode the Pelton, which also took us through the Westfork and the Palm Canyon. 

This is a VERY scenic ride.... The rock formations and desert life are a show in themselves.

This is what we call the "Posing Rock" 

Everyone gets their shot taken here. 
Oooh! Did I say "shot?"   The Bossman even brought "special" mimosa glasses for our ride.

Bossman giving me some history on wild horses that used to be in these canyons.

These trails have cactus growing "right on the edge of the trail" so you have to be very careful that the horses don't rub their legs against any of these!  These cactus will even go through ones boot, so we steer clear!!

Absolutely beautiful watering holes.....This is what they mean when they say "Oasis".

LUNCHTIME!  Bossman brought a new bottle of wine called "Amici"  I read somewhere that Amici means "Freinds" in Italian.  Poor Bossman, without the Desert Rose to bring him our usual "Gourmet, Deli Sandwiches"  he had to settle for my homemade Ham and Swiss, Grapes and chips.

Well, he didn't seem to mind, we ate and drank it all!  Ok, Lady and Jesse helped with the grapes.

More beautiful watering holes

Long standing Palms

Trails among the palms

So, now comes the test for me!  When we got back, I proceeded to perform all the usual tasks in putting the horse away....I was concerned that I would mess up and forget something.  I began with grooming, picking and placing the blanket on.
  Making sure all the tack was put away neatly, covered the saddle, placed wet blanket above, so it can dry.  Filled their buckets with apples, carrots, raisens, horse cookies, shredded wheat, and their special cup of oats.                                                                                   Opps, I gave the same oats to both horses and Jesse was supposed to get the "senior" oats.....damn... it's already mixed up....   So, what now?  Do I pick each oat out by hand?        Naw.... Jesse didn't seem to mind,  and again, he promised not to tell on me.....He just wondered if I was EVER gonna get that bucket to him!   Ha! Ha! And lady even nickered when she saw me coming with her bucket.  Yeah! I'm finally Auntie to them.
And last but not least,   I got the Tack Room all cleaned and locked up.

I  Started to head to car, and I just couldn't go without double checking to make sure they were both tucked in, fed, and comfy in their stalls.

So,...I'm pleased to say as I drove home, I was very proud of myself.  This was such a fun and successful trip.     And,  I'v been working on being VERY LIGHT on the mouth while riding Jesse.... and Lady, and FINALLY Jesse has begun to respond more warmly to me.    I actually rode all of this ride, with next to nothing on the reins and using leg cues.  He did great, and we really did, part friends....:-)
This really helped my confidence, and I'm grateful to Desert Rose for trusting me to babysit her kids.  Maybe someday...she will trust me with her puppy?  LOL


  1. Sounds like a fantastic ride! Even with the few mishaps with feeding and blanketing, I am sure the Rose will understand! I love those trails and will be there soon!

  2. OH...Well, the puppy...!
    I guess next time you WILL email the bossman...cause he will not let me get involved!!! Never listen to me...see I was wrong about who YOU were going to ride...I'm just saying

  3. PS you were NOT wrong...Jesse does not get the senior unless he has had a real long, hard day!!!

  4. Wow!! What a great area to ride in. Your pictures are amazing. I am jealous as all I see is 3 feet of snow out my window. Which state is this?

  5. A great post! And like a true Pony Cousin, you know the importance of the lunch and the drink on the trip. Good job, B!

  6. DR: Good, I'm glad it was correct! I'll remember that next time. Pam in Wisconsin: I'm in Palm Desert right now. Yes, it's warm (80's)! Thanks cousins!

  7. So proud of you~ how fun to get to do this!! DR is such a sweetie to let so many people use and enjoy her babies! ;-)



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