Monday, September 27, 2010

More Cousin Stampede

During our Cousin Stampede weekend,  Desert Rose made a very sweet speech about how bad she felt that our "ordeal"  of getting lost in the mountains (Pac. Crest Trail)  was so hard on me, and how she felt like she almost got me killed up there, and how she felt terrible that I was freezing during the night and that she was so proud of me for hanging in there like a trooper.              
So....She presented me with this cute t-shirt that said:      
"I rode the Pacific Crest Trail with The Desert Rose and survived"  
Wasn't that sweet of her???  She shouldn't beat herself up so bad, That whole ordeal, bad as it was....caused me to become a better rider.  I feel that I can tackle most rides now for sure.  But, I'll continue to let her feel guilty because, as you can's to my benefit! hee! hee! 

Another shenanigan that occured that weekend, was....the mysterious showings of some dead little varmits.... Turns out at the end of the weekend, Penny, the owner has a reward for any of these varmits that are turned in!  
 Saddle Mt. Rider and Cousin Eeeee managed to capture the reward of $20.00!!!  
And I just HAD to include this picture of   "Horse Dreams"  WHO looks this cute while roasting hot dogs?!  Young, cowgirls in white mini skirts and cowgirl boots THATS WHO!  


  1. That's all the nice nice you get... from now on when you came to the desert next season you will be a pro and I will not have to help you worry about you or baby (doll) you!!!

  2. DESERT ROSE: Dang girl...what are you doing on here? I thought I was safe posting this while you were out of country...LOL
    DUSTY DEVOE: I miss you too! Looking forward to our ride coming up!

  3. Thanks for your visit and VERY sweet comments.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. This girl thanks you for the sweet comment. You really have become quite the cowgirl and I am so proud of you for blazing so many (difficult) trails during the last year.



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