Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arena or Trail?

In these past few years of riding with my cousins, I've had the good luck of getting to experience time in the arena as well as some wonderful times on the trails.
Last year, I hired a trainer while we were down south who was a Barrel Racer.  She worked with me on techniques of Barrels and Poles.  I found that I have a real love for the games in the arena.....
Hmmmm.....I don't know what it is, but I just LOVE racing a horse around the barrels, watching them get so excited and WANT to go! and that last stretch going home.  It's as tho the horse is smiling!!! Really!
While at the Pony Cousin Stampede we got to spend some time in the arena to prepare for the rodeo...I find that this is some of my most fun.  It gives me the chance to work on techniques, and lord knows I need that!  Look at this awful form! Toes aren't up, Reins too high and snug, why do I DO this???   Need more work!

It sure makes me wonder just what kind of horse would be best for me?  I certainly want one that will be able to grow with me.  At my age,  I don't want to outgrow him or her!   Should I look for one with some arena abilities? I do believe a horse that ONLY liked doing trails would bore me in no time.
However, in the meantime, I'm very lucky that sweet Jesse is tolerating me, being patient with me, and allowing me to be his "part-time mommy."  This wonderful horse and I managed to place and nab Rodeo princess so I'm not complaining.  But, I really hope he doesn't mind spending more time in the arena this winter.  I hope to work with him on gaming  more so we can "retain" our crown! 


  1. I have never really been that fond of arena riding, but had to do it last winter cause you can't get out on the trails. King is doing really well in the arena and Dusty Devoe and I have started doing some fun things already in it and have alot more planned for this winter. We are hoping to get some of the other girls interested in maybe doing some rodeo stuff together this winter, have had some good responses. It will be fun cause most of the other horses haven't done poles or barrels and we have stuff to set up courses. Can't wait!! Looking forward to seeing you at E's..

  2. Me too! Yea, I think it's good for them to work the arena games too. Keeps their mind sharp, keeps them from being bored, and keeps OUR skills up.



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