Saturday, June 5, 2010

Well, this is my First of the season! I just delivered her today. Very spring time looking huh?

This Bride and Groom had their reception in a Barn with white lights hung all over the top, and the matching Gerber Daisies on each table sitting on top of black tablecloths. It was very striking!

I'd love to show you some pictures, but out of repect to the B& G I won't. After's their wedding!

I count myself very lucky in the work I do because I get to go to all these wonderful wedding venues, see BEAUTIFUL buildings, enjoy how the caterers and florists decorate the rooms, I get to stroll in with my "masterpiece" (Ok that could be pushing it, but it's MY story so, just roll with me......) They always have a "special" table just waiting for my contribution and I perform my job and then leave ALWAYS saying to my husband (who assists me with delivering heavy cakes) "Honey? Why couldn't we get married again and have a great party to celebrate our anniversary?" This place is THE PLACE I'd have it!!!

I think if he ever said yes, I'd die trying to decide on one of them!

You know how my cousins want their own Triple J ranch? Well, I'd like to have my own Wedding venue. One that I would rent out to people, and I could live on property. Yep, that's my dream!

Here is an example of a few of my perfect ideas for venues.... ENJOY!


  1. She's beautiful! I love how bright and "pop-y" the colors are. The places you listed remind me of the place where our reception was held. The lady who runs the place lives in a historic victorian-style home, which is right in front of the historic barn we used. She holds weddings at both the barn and the gardens surrounding the house. You should check it out: And you've just reminded me, I need to finish my wedding posts! If you ever have another wedding, you have to invite ALL of us!

  2. Yep, you are lucky!! That is a beautiful cake!!
    You need to come over to my blog, I made an announcement about something today, and you will like it!!



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