Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our son turned 30 the other day, but this is how he spent his "day." I think this is a sign of maturing when you are able to celebrate your 30th birthday with Strawberry shortcake, princesses and Barbies huh?

Being a single dad, who works out of town 2 weeks and home two weeks, he has designated times with his daughter and this happened to be a day he had with her, but was gone working on her birthday. So...we celebrated HER BIRTHDAY on his. It seemed to make sense! :-)

She had been telling me she wanted a Strawberry shortcake cake for some time, so I made this one up for her and she was thrilled. I on the other hand, was not so thrilled with it. You see, I was really hurrying so I could make a quick trip to Desert Rose's in Portland for an overnighter I didn't want to miss....and wouldn't you know it! I got careless and didn't put enough support dowels in it and when I walked away for a moment, then came back, the entire thing was squishing down in the back and leaning!!! My first cake disaster.... But,....the kids didn't seem to notice and they LOVED the taste!

I was proud of son, he put this little party together for her (with the help of his wonderful girlfriend.) They had Purple Princess plates and cups, Dora noise blowers, And party favors!

All I did was show up with the crooked cake, and all turned out great!

Here is Avaa with one of her gifts from Daddy. Do ya think she's a little excited?? She LOVES princess dolls right now. She and I are going to go live in a Castle together when she grows up, that what she tells me.... :-) "And we will have wings to fly!" she says... :-)

What do ya think Mel looks like he's thinkin right about now? hee! hee!

So, later that evening, after party is over, kids are taken home, it's FINALLY time for us to celebrate Son's birthday!

We get showered, dressed and all meet at designated location: Samari's Japanese Steak House.

Mel and Sherylee (Hay Cousins, She's from Ashford!)

We had to keep the plans quiet, because his buddy Brian, was putting this together as a surprise for him. A group of friends and family met at a Japanese Steak House for Dinner, and then we went to a Bar that he was NOT familiar with where they had just remodeled a VIP lounge right off the dance floor.

This is one of those awful "late night" pictures...but it was a good one of his Buddy Brian. Who is a Deputy with our department.

A picture of the VIP lounge decor.

V.I.P. room Baby!!! Brian was proud of the surprise he'd put together for his bud...

Look closely....notice the waitresses (dancing on the bar) have "chaps" on! And the little waitress on the bar is our "personal waitress" for the entire night. She came with the VIP lounge to attend to us all evening.....when she wasn't up on the bar that is....

Mom trying to keep up with the young people....

While hubby found time to hug on all the girls.....

Mel enjoyed having "Gina" attend to our group all evening....She was good to all of us!
She even told me I didn't look old enough to have a 30 yr. old son...ha! ha! Then she said "I must age like Asian women do!......" LOL

Always tryin for a good tip!...... that sure helped! :-)
It was a fun way to spend with him just before he took off to Louisiana to work on the big oil spill. He had to leave the next morning at 8:30 a.m. He will be using his helicoptor to lift and fly huge, car size sand bags to build like a 35 mile sand bag wall....I guess it's just another part of their plan to fix this disaster....Fly safe son!


  1. I had a thing for Strawberry Shortcake when I was in the second grade, she was my favorite! I am sure the cake tasted deelish. Happy Birthday to Cousin Mel! It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

  2. Oh boy...cake looked good to was worth the trip down here to see me...
    love it that SON will be down to help out with the oil spill!!! BOTH parties looked so fun!
    By the way...tell Ava not to worry about getting wings for you to can just use your BROOM...;)

  3. Awwww...funny Desert Rose :-)

  4. DId you get to ride in Portland? Really looking forward to you coming down and riding lots with the 3 J's at our barn this summer. Maybe I just might let you ride King!! That is if you want too!! I could hop on Jessie!! We have some beautiful trails to ride on if the rain would ever go away. love you!!

  5. I'd love that! I don't care who I ride, I just hope to join you girls!



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