Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cousins Round Up!

Our cousins roundup is approaching soon, and last year, we were introduced to a drink called "Tears of the Sun" based on my love of Bruce Willis Movies.

Well take a look at this! Oh boy, does it make you drool?....

It's called "A John Gotti" it's served at Ameci's the Italian Resteraunt we haunt in our area.
Our son and his girlfriend introduced us to it. It's a chocolate BOMB from heaven!

But it got me thinking, I think we should have a prize for the most unique drink again at the cousins roundup this year! What do you think Saddle Mountain Rider?

I've already got an idea in mind for what I would do!!!


  1. Now that looks like a really yummy drink!
    I will really miss you guys at the roundup, and don't worry, I will call you guys to see how much fun you are having without me!!

  2. Can't wait to see what happens this year!



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