Friday, May 21, 2010

What makes YOU Lose Control?....

Ohhhh, this is one of those weeks.....Ya know those weeks when your appetite just goes freaking stupid on you?
I'm not sure if it's stress eating or PMS eating, (since I lost tract of that eons ago....)
But either way it's been a bad week for me!
And when you do cakes for a living....that can be really dangerous because I have so many sweets available!

So, it all started when I ordered this "special" dark chocolate from a company that I like to work with. It has very high quality couverture and this particular chocolate was going to be used on some Petit Fours that I've been experimenting with for some Brides who want them at their weddings in Lieu of cake. (Mind you I have 11lbs. here!) Many of you saw those on a recent post?
So, I'm soooo excited when my box arrives! This chocolate is supposed to have JUST A HINT of warmth or heat to it which is felt in your throat sort of as a subtle afterthought. I'm hoping this will be a nice complement with the sweet cakes and icings inside.

So, I open the bag, I'm happy to find nice, consistant nibs. These will be great for melting!

I made the Petit Fours, and Oooooh, were they turned out good! this chocolate was NOT a disappointment.

But, here's the shameful part. As I was cleaning up, I scooped my scrap pieces of cake into a bowl.....

And yes, you guessed it!

I JUST LOST CONTROL!!! I looked at that beautiful melted chocolate, I really intended to just chuck it, but instead, I started pouring "just a little" over the cake pieces you know,....just to try it? And, the next thing I knew....

...I ended up eating I don't know how many of these bites of moist, cold cake with warm melted bittersweet chocolate! but the really sad thing is I stood there with my pastry bag and squeezed a bit of buttercream on the bites too! I had to get the FULL EFFECT of the flavor you know! Pathetic or what!???....

Oh well, "God grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change."
Still.... you have to check out my "experiements." I think they turned out quite nice. I was playing with some chocolate transfers to get these designs on top. And, I can do them in many different, very cool designs.


  1. My downfall is getting up and snacking at midnight!!

  2. cowgirledthefuckup and just ATE it!!!

  3. Those chocolates are lovely! My mouth is watering.

  4. It's not the end of the world. When you have one of those days, you just have to try and cut back somewhere else. The end product...magnifique!

  5. I would be SO into the candy too! That stuff is dangerous!



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