Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brooklyns Pole Dance

Brooklyns Pole Dance. Hee! Hee! That's what my 9 yr. old grandaughter wrote on her moms calendar as a reminder for her May Pole Dance that was coming up in school for Community Day. Being the perverted minds we are....we all quietly chuckled at her sweet nievity....and just counted our blessings that she doesn't even know there is another kind of pole dancing!
I thought it was sweet that while I was down south, she kept calling me and reminding me of the date, to BE SURE I would be home in time for her performance. She had been practicing "a lot" she told me. Grandma Carmen said everytime she was visiting her, she was dancing around in the kitchen showing her how she would do it too....I love that she takes her school activities so serious. She is the girl (straight shoulder length hair) who is partnered up with the little guy who has the mohawk haircut and glasses... You'll see her look up into the crowd and smile at us during this video....

She was so proud, and we brought her some yellow roses to present to her afterwards. It was a nice day!

Here is a little clip of most of us afterwards. Sorry it's a lousy clip, we "thought" we were taking a "still." Did not realize we had it on video. So it's moving all over the place..... Yea, we could use a photog. class.... :-( It is what it is....


  1. HOW adorable! Ahhh, to go back to those sweet, innocent, naive days again... Once you leave them, though, you can never go back! Thanks for sharing her with us!

  2. that little "PONYETTE is sure growing up fast... what a cutie she is!!!

  3. Very cute! Give her a couple more years and she will probably know what pole dancing is. Unfortunately!



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