Friday, May 14, 2010

Girls Play Day

As promised I documented some of our "Girls Day" when my Cake Decorating friends came together at my house for a day of working on new techniques, sharing ideas with each other and teaching techniques to each other that some of us had the benefits of learning in classes we'd taken.

I enjoy having friends over. Since we have retired, we live a very "casual" lifestyle at home. Most of our dinners are eaten either at the computer or in front of the T.V. or better yet? A sandwich in the car on the run! And we USED to do a lot of entertaining with friends which I enjoyed! So, having a few girlfriends over gave me the perfect excuse to cook and bake a little and set a nice table. I had fun with that. And the best thing about girlfriends??? Those little details you do to make things nice for them? It's never lost on them....they always notice and enjoy. That makes me happy :-)
And, since today, one of MY parts would be demonstrating Gelatin Butterflies, I'm using my Butterfly napkins! Just a good reason to use them I guess....

I set up extra tables for us to work on... My cluttered little corner is where all my supplies are, and even though I keep it very clean, it looks cluttered because I must have every known baking and decorating supply known to a pastry chef. This is my space where I can get lost in "the zone" and really get some work done on a cake when I need to. Bless my DH for giving me this space....
So the girls arrive, We had coffee, White Chocolate/Cherry Scones and Quiche while visiting and getting warmed up. Then we got down to business working on the Petit Fours......This day flew by, we ended up working on 4 projects that took us until 6:00 p.m. So much fun! :-)

Chocolate Wrapped Petit Fours: Filled with Cake, buttercream and filling. We were just "playing" with the designs by swirling cocoa butter into the molds and marbling it.
And....Gelatin butterflies:
These are all edible with chocolate fondant bodies.
And the nicest thing I enjoyed learning from my friend was these Orchids!

This is hers she brought for an example..... All edible made from fondant.

And these are ours not yet put finished or together.... :-(
They still need to be colored and assembeled. Sorry I don't have any pics. of that....The day got away from me.

But, of course we did take time out to have some lunch. I served them Green Chili Chicken Chowder (with "crispy" homemade tortilla strips), Olive Garden Salad, (that I made myself, but with their dressing) Breadsticks yes, I purchased those from the restaurant...I can't compete with those!
and .....
We HAD to finish off a perfect day with a toast!
About comments: For some reason when I load several pictures on this "version" it places my comment box WAAAAY down at the bottom, so please look for it ok?
I do love to hear feedback from you!


  1. A recipe for Olive Garden salad dressing, now I could use that.

    The butterflies look awesome even if they are't done yet. Still can't imagine something edible can look that artsy!

  2. Actually, RR, I bought the dressing from them but make the salad. They DO sell the dressing and it's VERY reasonable! They also sell their breadsticks "uncooked" and give you their garlic butter/special salt mixture to sprinkle on them as soon as they come out of oven! Yummo!

  3. I love your white chocolate cherry scones! Lucky ladies.

  4. This sounds like a very fun day! I love your butterfly napkins and all the end products!

  5. What a fun day for you...although I did NOT see a horse anywhere!!!



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