Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our Cowboy in the making....

Most of my cousins know that their cousin M has been pretty slow about adapting this cowgirl/cowboy movement that has spread throughout his family,....but I have to tell you he has made some progress! While he has been very supportive of my lessons, lets me stop and shop at western stores without whining, shown interest in any knowledge I'm gaining and actually asks questions and points out horses and is noticing good ranch set ups etc. that I would be interested in....he remained pretty steadfast.

WELL, the other day, when we were in a Western Store in S. Dakota he actually decided he was going to buy some boots! I just about fell over! And then, when I suggested he get a shirt to go with them, he did! Hay! how about that? My golfing, Tennis shoe wearing man has taken on a bit of ruggedness....ha!

I thought you girls would like to hear that.


  1. We'll turn them all into cowboys before you know it!!!

  2. It's about time that he "cowboyedthe#$%^up" and just did it!!!



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