Monday, October 12, 2009

Katrina Disaster - New Orleans

I'm glad you can join me for some highlights of our trip....

This part was interesting. Our first day in New Orleans we took a tour of "The Katrina Disaster."

These tours were guided by locals who lived through it, and actually had some personal stories to share.
They took us through the devastated neighborhoods to see where it all took place, and even tho we watched it on the news, to see it in person really made it personal......You could see where the People cut holes in their roofs with axes and waited on top to be rescued, Waterlines up to the eves of houses,

These last two houses had water up to the middle of their front doors.

Now this grey house: I don't know if you can see it or not, but this turned out to be a duplex, and above the doors, AND between the front doors you can see the large X's that the FEMA people drew when they inspected each house. The numbers gave information: such as who inspected, if they found anyone, and how many humans dead. This shows that AT FIRST, the water was up to the top eves, they inpected and found nothing....Then the water dropped, down to the porch level, it was inspected again, and thats when two were found dead inside the right duplex.

It's hard to imagine HOW MANY houses and businesses, were actually under water. Everywhere we drove, we saw damage, roads that will take forever to recover, houses that still sit vacant all over the place.

The population used to be around 400 thousand, and is now about 250 thousand.

But, for those who stayed, life is moving on, and now you see many people rebuilding only now are putting their houses "elevated." It's becoming the typical thing to "elevate" houses and aparment buildings etc. down there.

After our tour we spent some time down in the French Quarter, and one does see some "unique" things down there! Anyone need a car? This hearse is decked out complete with Pink Flamingos on the hood!
BELOW: While we were eating, we heard a huge band of trumpets playing "When the Saints Go Marching In." So everyone runs out in the street to see this large wedding party coming down the street (about 200 people) marching behind bride and groom. They all waved white hankys and "street danced" to the music following Bride and Groom over to the park where they lined up, and then they proceeded to get married!

And finally....No one can go to New Orleans without trying the Chickory coffee and bignets! (Warm French doughnuts) covered in powdered sugar! Yum....


  1. Very interesting pictures. I bet one can not even imagine the devastation. Thank you for sharing. The bignets look yummy!

  2. It sounds like you and cousin M are having a great time! I am so glad he married you!!! He couldn't of picked a better cousin for us!!

  3. Yup...those french donuts are too good!!!

  4. What a loss the whole nation suffered in New Orleans. The saddest part is it's taking so long to rebuild because so many don't think it's a good idea. The fear it could happen again is still so real. This has always been a city I've been fascinated with, but never seen of course! Did you get the recipe for those pastries so you can make us some!

  5. Sares, You know me only too well. I did get some recipes...But, Actually, I whimped out and bought the box of mix they have for them, also the Chickory coffee, and the Jumbayla, and the Rib Rub, and the Crab Boil seasoning....Hay! We should all get together and give me a chance to use it and have a party complete with Jazz music!

  6. Oh wow, what an experience. Thank you for sharing it. Gives me goosebumps thinking of all that devastation. Good thing there are doughnuts to cheer you up!

  7. Thanks cousin Cowgirljlynn! But, I think I'm the lucky one. That's why we joke that if there was ever a Divorce, I'd get you guys!!! And I tell him to put that in writing..." Ha! Ha! (After 33 yrs. we can joke like that...)

  8. My former co-tenants came from New Orleans. Their home was devastated. When my apt. flooded, they were so helpful to me- and I had not even half an inch of water. They'd had 12 feet come in and ruin everything in N.O! I had no reason to gripe after what they'd been through. It's hard to believe things are still so devastated, it really shows that often we all move on, but others still suffer years after.



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