Saturday, October 10, 2009

Heading to Branson!! My random things along the route.

"On the road again...just can't wait to get on the road again...."

Yea, its hoaky I know...but when you're cooped up in a 39' bus for this many days, its probably only going to get worse my friends!

Things like this becomes our entertainment. so, we're cruising along in Missouri and my DH says "Hmmm, theres a nice coach coming up gonna pass us." And as it goes past us, we notice it's the Oak Ridge Boys bus! They are pulling a big trailer as well, with their picture all over it....hmmm that's suttle.

So, of course, I grab my groupie camera (I keep it right next to me, since I'v started blogging!) and grabbed this picture. I had read that they were scheduled to be in Branson. But, we didn't go see them, we we had other choices in mind for when we got there.

Now, see the strangest things on the freeways....

Oh no....paleeze tell me they did NOT have a truck stop named this.


All the KOA's we stay in have these darling little guest cottages for people to rent. they sleep 5 each.

Of course we are in our comfy MH...but I couldn't help noticing these, and thinking they would be quite comfy except, missing a bathroom!

I would love to have a guest ranch with a few of these, a few teepees and do pony rides for the kids! Then we'd rent these out "like a very casual camping hotel" And then we would build our log home we'v always wanted. And live there. Awwwe...Sweet dreams.

So, our first show was the Dixie Stampede! Now, I didn't really know what to expect from this show, but OH MY GOSH!!! This was the most fun and impressive evening! Even my hubby had a great time and was totally impressed by the talented riding (I've never seen young people do such great trick riding!) And THE HORSES! Talk about trained! They were as much choryographed as the people! I swear they could've done this show without their riders!
To watch horses be able to plan their timing like this was amazing to say the least!

If any of you EVER get the chance to go to a dinner show in Branson, pick the Dixie Stampede. It was worth every penny.

And the food was great too! We had to eat it with our fingers (because that's how it was done then....) but I didn't even miss it! It was fun.

After the show however, you can come backstage and meet the actors!! or actually....

head for the stables!! So, we did, and guess what we found?

THE nicest paddocks I've ever seen....These were absoluetly beautiful wood, with black iron gated tops (as you can see in these pictures), nice fixtures ALL AROUND, AND, they also had built in "misters" over each one, to "keep them comfortable..." Yes, these stars were quite pampered. As they should be. They really put on quite the show! No money was spared for these celebrities.

The next day, we took a dinner cruise on this Paddle Wheel Boat. Great show, and an OK dinner. We did enjoy Branson, I could've used more days there to shop a little. I didn't get to go into several little shops that looked interesting. Probably a good thing with what happened to my CC and all.... :-(


  1. It sounds like you and that handsome cousin of mine are having a great time. You just might turn him into a cowboy after all!!! Ride him COWGIRL!!!

  2. Hee! Hee! Wait till you see what he bought himself... I'll create a little post for it later, stay tuned. YOU will love it.

  3. Boy you two are really having fun now!!!



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