Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm just having a moment where I'm a bit homesick....So, I'm thinking about my things at home for today. My flowers, my glass spheres in my flowerboxes, the dragonflies and butterflies that turn color when it gets dark. (The grandkids love watching these....)

I really enjoy sitting on my covered patio where we have a gas firepit with cushioned chairs sitting around it.

And I like looking at this rusty little rooster on this iron garden tray that is also a wine rack down below....I found it in a little shop in Lake Chelan.

And this...I couldn't resist, just because I'm starving for some good pie! And I'm thinking about those at Blueberry hill in Manson.....

We never miss an opportunity to do at least one breakfast there when we are in the area.

And last but certainly not least,....I miss my grandbabies!!! I'm thinking about the day we all had at the river....


  1. Sweet memories! Those pies are looking YUMMY! :)

  2. I bet those babies are missing you too! HUGS!



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Bronco Betsy

Bronco Betsy