Thursday, October 15, 2009

San Antonio Rocks!!

Before I share San Antonio, I had to share these tidbits. First, I thought you'd find it interesting how they bury people "ABOVE" ground in LA, because the water table is higher than their ground level. So as we were driving by, I caught this picture of a cemetary.

* This was our last morning in Louisiana. We were fortunate to find this RV park on a Marina. After our unpleasant experiences in Louisiana this was a good one. This is taken RIGHT behind our Motorhome. So you can see how close we were parked to the water.

I grew up on boats as my dad was an avid Pleasure boater. So watching boats and spending time around a marina is like second nature to me. I LOVED waking up, and going out to have my coffee and watching the goings on in the marina and seeing the fish jump.

And now onto San Antonio!!!

****After feeling like a couple of "Storm Runners" (is there such a thing?) i.e. the opposite of Storm Chasers...hee! hee!
We have finally hit pay dirt! It only took us about six states before we finally reached a state where the rain can't catch up with us....and the bugs aren't eating us alive....We are in San Antonio. Its HOT, Sunny and we actually had dinner on the Riverwalk last night, by candlelight. We sat so long enjoying the warm evening (finally without bugs eating us up!) that when we left the restaraunt, we realized we were almost the last ones out of there!
We also took one of these little River Tours. We watched them being done, and we wanted to know where they went, how LONG this Riverwalk was, AND we wanted to know the history behind the "whole riverwalk thing" but, we saw them CRAM people into these boats and it was really hot and humid, so we decided we should have a couple Margueritas before getting onto it. So, we did, and for some reason, the CRAMMING didn't bother us one bit. We enjoyed this little cruise! :-)
My DH and I have actually become tour freaks lately....Didn't think we would ever like those, but after taking a few, we have found that you learn SO MUCH MORE and cover all the sights so much easier.

One of the oldest Churches in San Antonio...

So now, when we are in a place that has a lot of sights, we usually get a tour the first day to at least see the highlights. That helps us get a perspective on what we want to go back on our own and see "or not." And it often shows us much more than we knew existed.

We actually went and tried out the swimming pool today! It was that nice...

We've decided to stay here for a few days. Going to go golfing tomorrow! It's supposed to be much cooler Yeah!

My DH will love that, he can play Camp Host everytime a new neighbor pulls in. Remember I told you that when two people are cooped up together too long you are like "spooked horses" going in different directions when you get a chance to get out? Ha! Ha! Well, when new people come in its funny to see everyone else acting the same way. My DH gets excited when someone new comes in next to us, he immediatly heads for the door, and I tease him "I think they can hook up without your help." He just laughs and says "I'm just gonna watch..." And then the next thing I know he and the guy have spent 15 mins. out there talking about "things."

And they think "women" are bad about needing "girl time!"


  1. Beautiful pictures! I reel like I'm on the trip with you!

  2. San Antonio looks like so much fun! And you said heat, I am on the first flight!

  3. You gotta go see the cowgirl museum...I think it is there!!! Maybe it's in Tuson??? Check and see...there is something WESTERN there!!!

  4. I've found lots of shops and things western here. But no, the Cowgirl Museum is in Fort Worth Texas. Won't be going there...



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