Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you?

Today is a very special anniversary.

That was a day none of us will ever forget....I remember I was getting ready for work when I heard. Couldn't stay away from the television newscasts all day. I felt like I was in shock... it was crazy. I wanted to turn it off, but couldn't.
I think most of us were in fear for some time that "something else" was going to happen.
I'd just like to take a moment and remember those brave people who risked their lives to save so many.

I'm curious....
Where were you when you heard?


  1. I was at work. I hadn't heard anything, I'd gotten up and gotten ready without t.v./radio and I think I listened to a CD on the way to work, so I had no idea until some co-workers were telling me. As things unfolded all day, I think I saw a few pics online, but when I got home I was glued to the t.v. with my roommate, watching those towers fall over and over (not intentional, it was all over the t.v.) Then, for several days, watching the stories of survival and courage, and the memorials. So amazing. A tough time to remember, so many sad days and tears, but so important to remember, too. It especially became meaningful when I visited ground zero a year later.

  2. I was getting ready for work. We didn't open that day. I stayed home like you Cuz B. and couldn't stay away from the tv. The next day our community I worked in had a service at the church. It was very touching and sad.

  3. I was sleeping when the phone rang. I woke up to my OH leaving me a message, he only calls early in the morning if it's something bad. I answered it and he said I needed to turn the t.v. on right now. I did. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was supposed to be working the late shift that day, my work called me a couple hours later to say not to come in, the store was closing for the day. I watched t.v. all day and cried. It was so upsetting to me and I eventually was waking up with terrible nightmares.
    To this day, when I am outside and see a very low flying jet, I panic. We have a lot of airports and a military base not far away so we get a lot of planes. Not too long ago there was a low flying jet, circling above, I thought it was looking for a place to crash and than it moved on.

  4. I was in N.Y. City!!! Ya, pretty scary there!

  5. It's amazing how that has affected so many people. DR. I forgot that you were IN NEW YORK when that occurred...That had to have been something. I actually did go into work as I worked for the school district then, and the worst the disaster the more we were needed at work then. Or so it seemed... It took me over a year to let go of that "responsibility" feeling....



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