Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hay! Hay! We have a Winner!!

A very lucky blogger is the winner of my very first give away!

I have been waiting for my 100th comment and the next thing I knew, while I was messing around trying to "fix" my backgrounds, they went past the 100th!!!

But, I went back and counted VERY CAREFULLY.... and our lucky winner of a very beautiful......Nope, I'm not going to tell you. Our winner will have to wait until it arrives and she can show you all what she received!! (If she so chooses.)

And the lucky winner is.....JAN! of Jans Place USA CONGRATULATIONS JAN!

I will get your package off in the mail tomorrow. :-)


  1. I am shocked!!!!! Whatever it is..I guarantee I will love it.. you are so sneaky, having a surprise giveaway.. and I am one lucky girl!

    By the way... I am so loving the music you have chosen for your blog..

    Jan ((hugs))

  2. Thanks....And, be prepared for a "large" package.

  3. the new look!!! It's sooooo you!!!

  4. Thanks D. Rose! It's been a long road, as you know. I still have a lot to learn about "tweaking" this, but FINALLY I can make some changes!

  5. Congrats to Jan! She is great and deserves the prize (is it a yummy cake??? :)



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