Saturday, October 3, 2009

Next stop...Little Big Horn

I'm not much of a History Buff, but I have a feeling I'm about to gain a new appreciation for pieces of history that have escaped me. I'm enjoying learning more detail about these subjects.

Yesterday, we toured the Battlegrounds of Little Big Horn. Where Custers Last Stand took place.

I remember when we went to Hawaii and toured the U.S.S Arizona, how emotional it was to ACTUALLY be there and see it. Well, this gave you the same feeling. to be "in the moment" knowing that all these soldiers died "right here" and knowing the story that accompanied it was very disturbing.

Sitting Bull really had the upper hand this time, that wasn't always the case though.

If Custer hadn't been (what I consider "cocky") and had waited for the troops that were coming to back him up....they might'v won that battle. But he chose to attack "thinking" they could take them. Even tho he'd been ordered to wait.....But, he didn't know that the little village he was going to attack, actually had a HUGE, massive village on the other side of mountain. They were totally outnumbered.....

We went through the museum....Look at the saddle they rode back then!! OMG, can you imagine?


  1. This is going to be fun to see all te places you're visiting!

  2. Ya...a MAN designed this saddle for a MAN, so that nothing would get squished!!! I am one of those "people" who somehow has never had any sympathy for Custer...only his men assigned to duty under such an arrogant man!!!
    By the way...they take scalps in the Indian Canyons, but only the BLONDE ones!!! LOL

  3. Yikes!! Thanks for the tip, And,... what if I have real dark roots?! ha!

  4. Cool pictures. I'd love to see history like that. I remember the scene in the Horse Whisperer where they stopped there but the daughter wouldn't get out of the truck....

  5. Yes, and Sitting Bull and his men were actually better trained men too. The men that were assigned to Custer at that time were some misfits, and not very well trained, whereas Sitting Bulls warriors had trained all their lives for just such attacks. They were protecting their families. If given the chance, Custer would'v wiped out their village had he not been surprised with a much larger one....War was ugly back then. Well, while it's come along way, it still is...



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