Sunday, August 9, 2009

Went camping this weekend...

My DH (darling husband) and I took our Motorhome and went to Sequim Bay (John Wayne Marina) this weekend and met some friends to camp and catch Dungeness Crab....Yum!

This doesn't look too appetizing right now, but boy, after we cooked them, melted the lemon butter and opened the wine...they were delectable!

The next day, I went into town, to shop for a few things to take on our trip. I really enjoyed the cute town of Port Townsand. It had some vintage shops, kitchen shops etc.

I just "happened" to find these cute little items that I thought would look fabulous with a faded pair of blue jeans. What do you think? The salesgirl said she had just got these in....hadn't even put them out yet...LOLO I got the first! I love it when that happens!
Well, I probably won't be blogging now for a while, we cousins are getting ready for our big Cousins Stampede this weekend, and I have lots to do to get ready! I have to shop for food, do some pre-baking, get myself packed, and probably repack a couple times...
I can't wait to share some of the great times with you when I get back!


  1. We all will be so busy the next couple days! Packing is going to be a pain in the you know what!
    Sounds like your camping trip was fun! Can't wait to see you! It's been a year already! How time flies!

  2. Very cute! Can't wait to see what is one the menu this year! See you coon!

  3. Looking forward to all those great bakery goody's!!! See ya soon!



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