Sunday, August 23, 2009

My cakes done this week....

I was asked to create a "combination" birthday cake for my grandson Connor and his buddy Jacob who are both turning 6. J wanted football themed, and C wanted Soccor. So, this is what I came up with....

* Bottom tier was vanilla with Bavarian Cream filling.

* Top tier was Lemon White choc. cake with Blackberry filling. They both were topped with White chocolate Cream Cheese icing. And, my homemade Marshmallow fondant.

And this is the Lavendar Wedding cake I did for my nephews wedding this weekend. Sorry you didn't get to see it with her lavendar on it. This is just a pic. in my messy bakery.
No...thats NOT me posing there next to it...LOL But, I can see how you could make that assumption.... hee! hee!


  1. Ya....I am still waiting for my "HORSEY" cake!!!LOL

  2. Oh boy have I got some cute horsey cakes! Ok, whats the occasion? Shall I just bake it for us to binge on? :-)

  3. the cake is beautiful, and don't be so modest about that picture of yourself by the cake, you hottie!



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