Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our busy weekend...

Wow, I know we missed alot by not joining our cousins at the reunion this weekend, but we had a lot to do ourselves.
We started out the weekend by traveling 3 hours to my hometown again and attended a baby shower for my new great nephew Benjamin! He's a doll! This is about the best picture I have showing his face though...Note to self: "Think about your pictures for blog! when taking pics.!"

That's his mamma in background.

While we were there, we stayed at my sister-in-laws place and the BIL had a really large train

on his patio that our granddaughter loved watching....

Then we came home and proceeded to work on the Trellis we'v been wanting to build in the back yard.
Now, when I asked Avaa to help, she was excited that she was going to get to paint! Not, "little kids painting," but BIG PEOPLE'S painting!!! And, she couldn't wait to get started. She picked up these 8' long (2x2) boards and carried them over for her grandpa! She really worked hard for a 5 year old!

I thought she'd give up after painting a couple boards...but she hung in there right to the end! But, what REALLY impressed me was, She didn't spill one drop!!! She only got one smudge on her arm....She kept saying "I love you grandma..." and "You can go take a break if you want..." hee! hee! I knew she was having a good time.

Then, she'd look up at her Papa (who was on the ladder) and yell, "Don't fall Papa!, you be careful!..." She's such a little people manager.

Her handle was as clean as mine when we were done! I think that's pretty amazing! I had expected an abstract art mess to clean up when done....LOLO

But then,....as I was cleaning up, she finally pooped out. And was caught savoring the shade.... Awww gees...just can't get good help these days....hee! hee!

I'll post a picture of the finished Trellis it as soon as it's finished ok? Only a couple boards left to nail up!


  1. Oh, sniff, sniff! I want a trellis ... he'll get to it eventually. Lucky you! TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Fun weekend...we missed you though!!!

  3. What a handsome baby! See you soon!!!



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