Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day trip to the River!

We are so lucky to have our own little paradise...We have 8 acres that is family owned on the river.
We turned it into a campground with complete hook ups for 3 RV's, and parking for 3 more.
* A huge bonfire pit
* 3 ATV trails to ride the 4 wheelers on
* Lovely walking trail down to the river (perfect with your morning coffee)
(Oh, my little 8 yr. old GD, is such a poser....)

Every year, the river changes direction some. Some years it has left us with log jams and a river that's flowing so fast it's too dangerous to even consider getting close to! And some years it washes all that away and leaves us with "fairly" good fishing areas to stand and fish etc.

BUT THIS YEAR! We have been really blessed! It washed away all debris, and left us with a very calm part of the river AS WELL AS a few sandy areas, YES like a beach! We have gone up and enjoyed this several times. I pray it stays! But I know better.... :-(

Today, The grandkids and I took a picnic lunch down there, and ate.
Mmm... Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches, Chips, Yogurts and Juice.
The kids' favorite.

First we indulged in some "kiddie courage."...

And then they finally talked me into braving the cold waters....

But, mostly they enjoyed building "sand/mud" castles, and splashing around.

I love it when they enjoy the simple things in life.... Notice you don't see one expensive toy, or electronics in these pictures??? And this entertained them for hours!! (Well, maybe my picnic basket was alittle over the top, but I never get to use it!)
Cousins: It's too bad we didn't plan a cousins campout here this would've been really nice!


  1. It does look very beautiful!! I'd love to be there for a family campout!!
    The GK's look like they had a great time!! The beach would entertain me for hours too!! I could just lay out there and sleep all day!! Or fish!!

  2. How many paddocks have you built there??? next year we may need 11! love the Family retreat idea!



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